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Look at these Black Spots in Diamonds

Black spots are an eye sore.

That’s what most people think.

If they can see them, they deem them as a “bad” diamond. Period!

After all, they do stand out in a diamond pretty darn easily.

And whether it be huge black spots (like the examples I’m going to show you), or smaller inclusions spread around the stone, once you see them, you will always see them.

Like a magnet drawing your eyes.

People have a hard time seeing color (pure white and near colorless are the most popular white diamond grades), and people have difficulty observing cut (many think it’s just the outline, or the shape of the stone)…

And yes, most people can’t see clarity either, unless it hits them in the face. And usually those inclusions are the gigantic black carbon spots. They are more noticeable than any flaw that exists. I see people trying to wipe them off (like it’s dirt). But it’s not on the stone, it’s inside the diamond forever.

Just like these diamonds here:

Huge Black Spots in Diamonds

1.00, ROUND, I1, E, VG, VG, VG, MED $3,370 VIEW
.81, EMERALD, I1, F, VG, VG, NONE $6,450 VIEW
1.05, CUSHION, I1, J, VG, G, NONE $1,710 VIEW
1.14, PRINCESS, I1, G, EX, VG, NONE $3,400 VIEW

What’s the first thing you see?

Those black spots!

Granted, I did spend some time really looking for extremely obvious flaws to prove my point, but even the smallest black spot in an engagement ring will be noticed, you better believe it.

And when that imperfection is dead center, right underneath the diamond table; YOU CAN’T MISS IT!

But not all is lost…

Believe it or not, diamonds like this do have some really great redeeming qualities.

Things you wouldn’t expect:

  1. They’re cheaper
  2. They’re easier to identify
  3. There’s an abundance of them
  4. You might be able to cover up that flaw
  5. You can get a killer diamond if you get a better cut

These are really great points…

Which is why I’m going to give you a closer look.

1) They’re cheaper

Diamonds with eye-visible flaws like these are much cheaper than cleaner diamonds. Sometimes by thousands of dollars.

Compare these diamond prices below…

Compare diamond quality and prices

1.00, I1, E, VG, VG, VG, MED $3,370 VIEW
1.01, VS1, E, VG, VG, VG, MED $6,450 VIEW

(Note that the VS1 diamond sold faster than I could post this… all 1 Carat, VS1+, Colorless, Excellent Diamonds do.)

2) They’re easier to identify

All you’ll have to do is look down at your stone, see that black spot, and know it’s your diamond. It’s a sure-fire positive way to identify your diamond in a dash. No matter what! It’s like a fingerprint that can’t be erased. “Yep, that’s my diamond!

3) There’s an abundance of them

Half of the diamonds in jewelry stores today are made up of I clarity diamonds: I1, I2, and I3. So you’ll never be at a loss of finding a bargain stone. Just open your eyes. You’ll see them discounted everywhere.

4) You might be able to cover up that flaw

If your black spot or inclusion falls to the outside of the stone, near the edge (or girdle), then a good jeweler might be able to position your stone and cover up most, or all of that spot with a prong or the mounting.

Cover a black spot with a prong or mounting

Hidden that easily!

Plus, if that’s the only flaw that stands out, once covered, your diamond will now appear like a much higher clarity diamond. SWEET!

5) You can get a killer diamond if you get a better cut

A well cut diamond makes every diamond look better. The color looks better (whiter), the cut has more brilliance and fire, and the inclusions are harder to see (all that blinding light).

So even though the clarity is low (which reduces price), you can offset that with a better cut. I recommend an “excellentcut, symmetry, and polish. That’s the BEST cut you can get. It’s triple excellent and it will make any diamond, of any quality, sparkle like crazy.

The life and fire and scintillation of a diamond is enough to cover up just about any flaw they may have. People won’t see the black spots, only the BLING!

So check out these excellent cut I1 clarity diamonds here at James Allen.

Excellent Cut Included Diamonds

Because those stones are SPOT-ON!

Cheers! :)

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