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Wedding Day Blues?

You know that old English rhyme:

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue?”

Well, did you know that there’s ONE MORE LINE to that ditty?

It actually ends with:

A Sixpence in your Shoe

These things are the items that a bride adds to her wedding dress attire (somehow), and supposedly, they are “good luck” charms.

The phrase “Something Blue” actually stands for purity, love and fidelity.

It’s a huge British tradition that’s carried over into the states, and just about every bride gets objects from family and friends and loved-ones.

So what’s the Best Blue Gift?

The best items to get for the “Something Blue” is Sapphire.

Sapphire is the perfect gemstone for many reasons:

  • Sapphire is one of the three precious gemstones (the other two are Ruby and Emerald)
  • Sapphire is the 2nd most durable gemstone on Earth (the 1st is Diamond), so it will last her a lifetime
  • Sapphire comes in all ranges and hues of blue (The best Sapphire Colors are deep intense blue stones–just not so dark that they look black)
  • Sapphire goes with everything! Blue Sapphire can be worn dressy, casual, and look great with any other color of gemstone

Sapphire really is the ideal good luck charm, because she’ll have it forever. And, she’ll be able to pass it down from generation to generation.

Just like these beautiful blue sapphire pieces here:

Something Blue Sapphire Jewelry

See, those are “NEW” and “BLUE”

And if you’re still looking for those rhyming items

Get a Sixpence for her Shoe

A British Silver Coin that ended minting in 1970 (and they started re-minting them again in 2016). Just like these fancy coins here:

So buy your Sapphire jewelry HERE at BLUEnile.

You can never go wrong with blue.

Cheers! :)

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