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Loose Diamond Buying Red Tips and Flags

“Heads UP!”

If you’re out Shopping at the Local Jewelry Stores, keep your Eyes and Ears Open!

You Must look for the Red Flags that will tell you whether or not to Shop with that Jeweler!

I call them the Red Flag Loose Diamond Buying Signals! (I know it’s Wordy, but Bear with me!)

If a Jeweler gives you any of these Red Flag signs, I would Seriously Consider Leaving and going to another Jeweler!

Why Would I Say Such a Thing?

Because when it comes to Loose Diamonds, there are some things a Jeweler Should NEVER do!

Let’s Begin…

1) Not Showing you the Diamond

You would be Amazed at how many Salespeople don’t show the Actual Diamond you’re interested in. They Pull the Plastic Diamond Sleeve out of the Case, Read off the Price, then Stick it back in the Showcase without even giving you a Peek!

What are they Thinking?

These people only Prove that they are not Comfortable Showing Diamonds. They have No Business showing Diamonds Whatsoever! They are not Salespeople, they are Clerks!

All they know is how to Read the Price!

Don’t Buy From Them!

You’ll get no information that will help you, and if you do Buy it, you’ll have no idea what it is you’re Buying (Hopefully Price isn’t your Main Concern!)


Shop at a Reputable Jeweler that knows how to Sell Loose Diamonds.

Go to a Jeweler that will Educate you and make the Buying Experience a Great one. A lot of Jewelers are Passionate about Showing Diamonds. Those are the ones that know what they’re doing and are a Joy to Deal with.

Just remember, in order to Buy a Diamond, you have to SEE the Diamond First! Just Hearing a Price ain’t gonna Cut it

2) Not Discussing Certification

Loose Diamonds and Certification go hand in hand. If a Jeweler is showing you Stones without even Mentioning Certification, then I would Promptly Find the Door!

A Good Jeweler should give you all the Different Options that are Available for Buying a Loose Diamond. Certification? Laser Inscription? You Got it!

In Today’s Society, where there’s so much Concern about Diamond Switching and Trust, then I can’t even imagine a Jeweler Not Discussing Certification.

It’s Peace of Mind!

Why wouldn’t they?

Buying Diamonds today is not the same as it was 50 years ago. A lot of things have Changed. Technology has Changed. Most Jewelers will carry Both Certified Diamonds and Non-Certified Diamonds. I don’t have any Problems with that. Showing both is a Great Way to Compare the two. If you’re fine with a Non-Certified Diamond, Buy it! But you should have the Option.

Not talking about it, is NOT an Option!

Certification is the Best Assurance there is to Buying a Loose Diamond and not getting a Inferior Stone.

Certification and Laser Inscriptions are Vital and I personally would Never Buy a Loose Diamond without at least Certification (Not all Stones are Laser Inscribed). It Guarantees the Quality of the Diamond you’re Buying. It tells you what the Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat Weight is of the Stone. It Puts it all in Writing! If they don’t Talk about Certification… Your Best Option is to GO!

3) Not using a Loupe or Microscope

Some Jewelers Never Allow the Customer to see the Diamond Close Up.

What a Shame!

What do they got to Hide?

How can they Show and Sell Loose Diamonds without having the customer Peek under the Hood?

I don’t get it!

If a Jewelry Salesperson hands you a Diamond in a pair of Diamond Tweezers for you to look at… GREAT!

But if they Fail to also give you a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe with it or put it under a Microscope to view, then THAT IS A PROBLEM!

How do they Expect customers to View the Stone with their Naked Eye at Arm’s length?

You Can’t!

It’s a Joke!

You MUST View the Diamond Close up in order to Judge and Compare Color and Clarity! You have to! And you shouldn’t have to Ask them to View the Diamond Closer… They should Automatically do it for you. If they don’t bring it up and Expect you to View a Loose Diamond this way, then Don’t Buy It!

They should Lose a Sale if they don’t show it to you under 10x Magnification!

It’s a Given!

4) Confusing Sales Prices

If the Jeweler has over Inflated Prices:


Some Jewelers list 2 or 3 Prices on the Diamond itself. One being the Inflated Retail Price, another being a Sale Price, and then another being a Limited Special.

What? Confusing? You Bet!

A Diamond that started off at $12,000 (Retail), is now on Sale for $9,000 (Sale Price), and then it’s Marked Down to $6,700 for a one time only “Limited Special“. Wow, the Price just keeps on dropping now doesn’t it? $5,900 if you Buy it Right Now? If you start to walk away, I Bet the Price Lowers another Couple of Hundred…

My favorite is when the Salesperson makes up the Price on the Fly

How is that Possible?

The Salesperson (Commissioned) Grabs a Calculator and Starts Furiously Pushing Buttons (Trying to find you a Good Deal? Or THEM a Good Deal?)

Where are they pulling these Prices from?

We Can Go 30% Off!

Followed by “They’re always on Sale!

Oh really? I Love those Quotes.

Just Proceed with Caution!

Shop around, check out the other Jewelers. See what their “Sale Prices” are. Chances are those “Deals” are just Average when it all comes down to it. Those Manager’s Special, Blue-Light, Red-Tag, Today-Only, Best Deal of the Year Sale… Should really be a Red Flag Sale!

“See Ya Later!”

Do your Homework!

The Point is, do your Homework.

Compare Apples to Apples. Learn about the 4 C’s! Check out the Competition and see what the going Rate is for that Same Quality of Diamond (And Check out James Allen as well, their Prices ROCK!) You may be Surprised.

There you go, 4 Quick Tips (Red Flags) that can keep you from Getting Ripped Off.

It may be a Deal, it may not be, but it may Help Point you in the Right Direction…

Right out the Door!

Cheers! :)

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