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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Make A Deal Jewelry Sale

“Let’s DEAL!”

You always see jewelry stores advertising these “make a deal with the boss” sales, or “president’s day” sales.

Jewelry stores promote these kind of sales as a one day only event, and usually only once a year.

The big question is:

What are these types of sales, and are they worth it?

First off, let me say that I have had the opportunity of working both of these types of sales. These sales are pretty much the same thing and are run the same way.

Who’s the boss?

President’s day” (not to be confused with the official president’s day holiday in February, but rather a day when the president, boss, owner, or district manager of the company comes into the jewelry store) and allows customers to “make a deal with the boss“. Yes, they let the customers pick out any particular piece of merchandise that you want to buy, and barter on price.

I’ll take it for $450!

You can actually talk to the president directly (or owner, boss, manager, big-wig, whoever it may be), and deal on price.

“$300? How about $250?”

And I must say, it’s actually pretty fun.

These events get really crowded and crazy (plus, they have refreshments like coffee and donuts. Yum!)

I remember days where people would be shoulder to shoulder bidding on merchandise. It’s insane.

Where else can you go and deal on price? A used car lot?

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty…

Do you really get a good deal?

In my experience, I’d say yes.

Yes, you can. I mean, they do lead you to believe that you can walk right on in, name your price, and walk out with it…

But, that’s not entirely true…

Usually these much hyped up sales still have their limitations. No jewelry store wants to lose money, and you can’t blame them for that. But you can usually get 30%, 40% and even 50% off the listed retail price.

I’ve seen some instances where the boss has even gone up to 60% or 70% off as well. It all depends on the actual item and the initial cost.

If the jewelry has been sitting in inventory for a while and they want to clear it out, chances are you’re going to get a really good deal.

You never know until you try.

One thing that will persuade stores to bargain even more, is if you offer to pay cash.

Money talks! (They know you’re serious.)

Also, don’t be afraid to work them over on price either. This is what this day is all about. Your best price isn’t always the first price.

Just don’t be dumb about it…

If you offer them a price of $100 on a $2000 ring, they’ll just laugh at you in your face. It has to be reasonable.

If you suggest $900 on a $2000 piece, then you may be wheeling and dealing. That’s when it gets interesting and fun. Haggling on price is cool. Not to mention you do get to meet the boss. :)

If you offer them a deal and they throw you a deal back… Throw them out another deal. See if they bite. It’s called “make a dealnottake what I give you.

People love these types of sales and really get into it. I’ve seen some incredible sales go out the door. Insane prices.

So do I recommend them?


Just know that sales prices of 30-40% is already common in jewelry stores…

But if you want a really good deal… You’ll need to go beyond the norm. 50%? 60%? YES-YES!


How about $800 cash and throw in the tax?

Now we’re talking!

See, dealing is a hoot.


Now that’s a steal!

Cheers! :)

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