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Make Yourself A Divorce Ring

So you went through a Painful Divorce and all you have left is the Bank Account, a House, a Car, the Kids, the Pets, and your Wedding Rings!

Ha! Okay, so that wasn’t Fair, but chances are good, you’ll at least have in your Possession your Diamond Engagement Ring and Diamond Wedding Band. Symbols of Love and Marriage that didn’t last… Sadly!

The Problem is…

The problem is, you’re so used to wearing your Rings on your left hand Ring Finger, that it wouldn’t feel right to remove them. It’s a painful enough subject, let alone seeing a Painful Indentation in your Finger. You don’t want to Wear your Old Wedding Set and you certainly don’t want to be constantly reminded of your Failed Marriage either. So what can you do?

Make yourself a Divorce Ring!

A What?

A Divorce Ring!

Take your Wedding Rings to the Jewelry Store and have your Diamonds reset into one Big Beautiful Ring. (See Picture) Most Jewelers call these types of Rings “Remounts” and most Jewelers have “Restyling Events” or “Remount Events” a couple of times a year. At these Awesome Events you can pick out a Mounting from thousands of Beautiful Mountings and have your Stones set in them, sometimes while you wait!

Why Remount them you ask?

Why not just sell them out right? Because you’ll end up getting Screwed that’s why! You’ll probably only get about 10-15% of what it’s Worth. That’s what Pawn-shops or Jewelers usually pay for them. Don’t do it! You’re better off to reset them into a new mounting. It’s like a fresh new start.

Trust me, this is a great way for you to keep your Beautiful Diamonds, change the look, change the feel, and change your Attitude about them. Those Diamonds will no longer be your ‘Old Wedding Rings‘, but now will be the new you, the new future, the new possibilities!

You will love it when your Girl Friends compliment you on your Stunning New Ring. And you’ll love their reaction when you Smile and tell them that it’s your…

“New Divorce Ring!”

I say Keep your Diamonds! After all, Diamonds, unlike your Ex, are FOREVER! Keep your Diamonds, make a wonderful Divorce Ring and your Future will always be Bright and Sparkly!


For another interesting take about Divorce Rings, check out this one Bloggers Response to reading my post here: Say What? Divorce Rings. It made me laugh! :)


  1. My mother did exactly that after the “Big Split” between her and my stepfather. (I will not go into the sordid details, why’s and wherefores, but even the SPLIT didn’t last either! And, no, there was very little joy about either event actually.)
    Back to the ring. When she remarried, I was about 6. I didn’t understand why she didn’t have an engagement ring. I knew every engaged woman was supposed to have one, or so I had seen on third fingers left of my three soon-to-be aunts, my three living grandmothers, and most all the other ladies I knew of marriageable age. Being the granddaughter of a jeweler, I had been introduced at an extremely early age to all things shiny and sparkly! And ALL little girls of the time definitely romanticized weddings, and brides, having Bride dolls in their possession, especially us Baby Boomer babies! We were early on indoctrinated into our “natural” role in life, being wives and mothers, which of course required weddings, preceded by engagements, which naturally involved a big, shiny diamond ring! SO, where was hers??
    I was told that they had decided that instead of having just one diamond in one ring, and adding a plain ring to that later, they were going to do it differently, and have one BIG ring with LOTS of diamonds on it! Of course, I was all for “LOTS of diamonds” and was quite placated by that. I asked what it would look like, and was told it would be white gold, with 19 diamonds arranged in three rows set in platinum prongs! I was goggle eyed at the prospect, and couldn’t wait to see it! It was of course quite beautiful, even to a six year old, several months later at the wedding.
    Fast forward about 10 years, and the “spit hit the spam,” so go speak, and everything was kaputt. Without involving more detail than necessary, let’s just say she later sent the offending article to my grandfather (her dad) and had him completely remake it. The gold and the platinum were separated, however that is done, the diamonds were removed, and the gold was recast into a broad, thick band of overlapping veined leaves, and the diamonds were scattered about on top like sparkling dew drops, in tiny prong and bead sets. They weren’t all the same size, with the stones from the center row of the original ring being smaller than the two outer rows, so there was some variety in their appearance and spacing. It was quite a showstopper, and suited her purposes perfectly – it looked like anything BUT a wedding band!
    Well, things being as they were, even that split didn’t last five years, the reasons for which I won’t even go into. But, I think she still has the mounting, but has divided up most of the diamonds between my younger sister and two of my brothers’ wives. I didn’t get any, but really had no interest in them. So, yes, the “Divorce Ring” thing is one way to go. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that she had her ring made in 1974! Whatever goes around comes around, eh?

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