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Mall Jewelry Stores Carry all the Same Jewelry

Ever shop in the mall for jewelry?

Did you ever notice that a lot of the jewelry stores carry just about the same merchandise?

It’s all the same.

The same items, the same policies, the same sales and promotions…

It doesn’t make for very good competition or comparison, now does it?

How is anyone supposed to get a real deal?

They’re all the same.

Duplicate items ten thousand strong.

Why is it all the same?

There’s a very good reason why a lot of the pieces, prices, promotions, and policies are the same… And that’s because a lot of these jewelry stores are owned by the same corporation.

Huge parent companies with thousands of stores nationwide and bulk loads of inventory… of all the same quality and pieces.

Let’s take a look at these mall jewelry stores to understand more…

Sterling Inc.

Sterling Inc. is our first example. Sterling has over 3600 jewelry stores nationwide. They have them all over the country under 13+ different brand names.

A lot of these names will be very familiar to you (highly commercialized!) You could probably walk into any shopping mall and see at least 2 or 3 of them at any given time.

A local mall near me hosts 4 of their chain stores (and there’s only 6 jewelers in the mall). They are: Kay Jewelers, J.B. Robinson Jewelers, Zales and Osterman Jewelers.

It’s almost shocking to find that many stores all owned by the same company under one roof.

4 out of 6?


The list of Sterling Inc. (Signet Group in the UK) brand names are:

  • Kay Jewelers
  • Jared the Galleria of Jewelers
  • Zales Jewelers
  • J.B. Robinson Jewelers
  • Marks & Morgan Jewelers
  • Belden Jewelers
  • Weisfield Jewelers
  • Osterman Jewelers
  • Friedlanders Jewelers
  • Rogers Jewelers
  • Goodman Jewelers
  • LeRoys Jewelers
  • H. Samuel (UK)
  • Ernest Jones (UK)
  • Gordon’s Jewelers
  • Peoples Jewelers (Canada)
  • Mappins (Canada)
  • Piercing Pagoda
  • Zales Outlet Diamond Store

So it’s no wonder as you shop from store to store that you’ll see all the same products with all the same prices.

(Don’t want to undercut their own stores.)

Even their catalogs and websites look similar.

Next up…

Samuels Jewelers

Samuels Jewelers is another big company with 132 brand name stores.

(Owned by Gitanjali USA – part of the De Beers site holder company, digico group).

Their jewelry store names are:

  • Samuels Jewelers
  • Samuels Diamonds
  • Schubach Jewelers
  • Rogers Jewelers
  • Andrews Jewelers

Fred Meyer Jewelers

Fred Meyer Jewelers (400 stores) is in the same boat. They have stores by different names and even have some in the Kroger food stores.

(Would you like a potato with your carat?)

Their names are:

  • Fred Meyer Jewelers
  • Littman Jewelers
  • Fred Meyer Market Place Stores
  • Kroger Marketplace Stores
  • Barclay Jewelers

Now, it is refreshing to see that there are some jewelers out there that only operate under one brand name.

(Which also means they’ll have only one jewelry store in the mall.)

Jewelry stores like:

  • Goldsmith Jewelers
  • Ultrastores Jewelers
  • Reeds Jewelers
  • The Jewelry Exchange
  • Helzberg Jewelers (230 stores)
  • Bailey Banks & Biddle Jewelers
  • Rogers & Hollands Jewelers
  • Ross & Simons Jewelers
  • Tiffany & Co. Jewelers (150 stores)
  • Shane Co. Jewelers (20 stores)

The bottom line is:

It’s good to know who you’re dealing with and what the companies are.

Because if you’re shopping and comparing prices in the mall, and doing so at the same company… It’s not a real comparison.

The prices are the same everywhere, so I might as well buy it!” ???


To really compare prices and jewelry, you really need to compare companies inside and outside of the mall.

Now there’s nothing wrong with shopping from these huge corporations… They have fairly good products with good prices and policies… But why do they need so many stores with so many different names in the same mall?

Think about it…

If you were to ever have a problem with one jewelry store (it happens), and you swear to yourself that you’ll never shop there againGuess what? The next jeweler down the line could be the exact same company.

Not cool!

So shop and compare jewelry and jewelry stores. They are not all the same.

Compare corporate jewelers to independent jewelers. You never know, you may find some pretty cool unique stuff.

Plus, it’s the only way to truly know if you’re getting the best goods at the best deals.

And that’s thinking outside of the box.

And to really compare, check out the James Allen website. Their prices will blow you away. You’ll save thousands from any mall store. Guaranteed!

Cheers! :)

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  1. Yes! I noticed this back in the “Heyday” of mall shopping in the 90’s, when I used to go from jewelry store to jewelry store, grabbing up their shopping catalogs that were in display racks outside – or sometimes, just inside their doors, obviously to make you step further inside their store to get one. But I was on to their little tricks. And I resisted until I had done some comparing.

    Then I would take all of them home and sit down to my couch or dining room table, and start flipping through the pages. I immediately noticed significant duplications between merchandise, but it was most obvious to me through their bridal stock; same designs, same diamond sizes, same wedding bands, same prices, same sales, the works. Fine fashion jewelry – the same! Then I started reading the fine print on their credit policies, etc, and THAT was the same.

    So, when I was actually in need of something in particular, I started shopping something they really couldn’t duplicate between brands – SERVICE! I took my business to a saleslady at Osterman’s who had always been most accommodating, attentive, and really seemed interested in getting and keeping my business. She learned my preferences, and my birthstone, and never showed me anything that wouldn’t suit me. I miss her.

    I can’t shop now like I used to, so instead I shop from home and have it delivered to my door. Not so bad when the weather stinks, or I just can’t get any place during the holiday season.

    Gone are the “good old days” of hopping in the car on weekends, and going off to the mall for a little retail therapy.

    • Hi Shari. I edited your comment down, hope you don’t mind, but you are so correct. Service is the only thing that makes any retail business stand out today. And sadly, that’s lacking greatly. Which is a real shame, especially since good customer service is FREE. Shopping at the mall used to be a fun experience. Back in the day most of the jewelry stores were not part of a huge umbrella corporation (like Osterman), they were unique, different, distinct, and friendly. Now it seems like they’re all the same. Same stuff, same prices, same everything. What have we turned into? P.S. You have a great eye about Shane… I missed that. Fixed that. It’s not Sterling. :) -Richard

      • Certainly not! Of course I don’t mind. I know I can get hung up in the details sometimes, and it can take up an awful lot of space! So please do, whenever you find it appropriate.

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