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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
mini jewelry cleaning machine review

Mini Review…

I saw this Mini-Jewelry Cleaning Machine on Amazon, and wanted to Review it

Even though I already have a Small Compact Jewelry Cleaner (Connoisseurs Sonic Jewelry Bath), I liked this one because it came with a Basket, and it looked like it could hold more Jewelry.

So I ordered it, got it in a couple of days, and put it to the test…

See the Cleaner Below:

mini jewelry cleaning machine review

First off, the Cleaner is a Great Size, because I like to stick it in the Cupboard when I’m done. Plus, I don’t have a lot of Jewelry to Clean, usually just a Diamond EarringAs you’ll soon see

In the Package are the Cleaner, Basket, and Instructions

Which are Interesting to Read:

mini jewelry cleaner manual

And even though the English is Broken, you can still Understand it Pretty Easily. My Favorite Line is: Make Suckerfixed!

Good Stuff!

So you Flip the Machine over and open the Battery Slot

mini jewelry cleaning machine battery slot

It takes one AA Battery. And when you first put it in, you almost think it doesn’t fit because it’s tight… (You can’t put the lid on). But you have to push it down all the way, and it Works just Dandy. :)

Once the Battery is Installed…

You Suction Cup the Cleaner to the Counter Top (A Smooth Flat Surface Works Perfect). Then add in the Secret Combo Ingredients: A Splash of Mr. Clean (Or Ammonia), and the rest is filled with HOT Water (HOT HOT, but NOT Boiling Hot!)

mini jewelry cleaner testing review

Then put your Jewelry in the Basket, Drop it in the Water, and set your Timer to 8 Minutes!

And let me tell you…

This Machine is Powerful! Once you turn it on, you’ll know why it needs Suction Cups, for it uses REALLY REALLY STRONG VIBRATIONS! Which also means, it’s Noisy and Vibrates the Entire Counter! LOL!

8 Minutes Later…

mini jewelry cleaner review results

After it’s Finished, lift the lid. The Water will be Murky as shown… Which really means, YES it Cleaned!

And it did make my Jewelry Sparkle!

But, just like every Good Diamond or Gem… It still needed a Brushing Underneath to fully remove all of the Dirt and Debris. A Soft Toothbrush or some kind of Dainty Brush does a Great Job at getting into the Crevices underneath the Stone…

I Dabbed at it and got it totally Clean

So YES, it Does Work!

And, I do LOVE the Basket

Although it was FUN to remove it from the Machine after the Cleaning… For there’s no Lip to grab onto

No biggie…

BUT, I did run into one issue…

It was Suction Cupped to the Counter

And Full of Liquid!

Are you following me?

Which means, I had to Gently Pry the Machine up, unsuction it from the counter, without splashing Water and Cleaner all over the place. And even though I tried to do this slowly… it still splashed no matter what (and then I had to clean that up)! :)

Not a Big Problem, but still…

For the Price, it’s a Fine Little Ultrasonic Cleaner to have…

If you don’t have a Mini-Jewelry Cleaning Machine, get one… You’ll LOVE it!

But for me…

I think I’ll stick with my Connoisseurs Sonic Jewelry Bath instead. It’s Smaller, Easier to Dump and Clean, and it even has a Ring holder! Which is NICE!

Check out all the Cleaners HERE on Amazon!

Cheers! :)

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