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Mismatch Your Stud Earrings For A Cool New Look

Mix it up!

Everybody has matching stud earrings: diamonds, hoops, drops, dangles…

You name it, they match!

But I’m here to say: WHY?

Because I’m sure you’ve seen them before… Oddball earrings that don’t match.

Maybe you’ve lifted an eyebrow, gave a little shrug, maybe even liked them

For they are cool and different!

Unusual… Quirky. FUN!

I happen to love them. I like unique things. Interesting things. That’s what jewelry is all about. Personality. Individuality. Art

So mismatching earrings is YOU.

And some people mix them up themselves… But did you know that they sell them this way?

Mixed Already!

Themed… Like Mickey and Minnie Mouse. A Cat and a Dog. Two Kids; a Boy and a Girl. The Moon and the Stars. Birthstones. Initials. One stud and one dangle… It’s endless what you can create and the looks you can come up with.

Like these mismatched stud earrings below…

Mismatched Earring Studs

These are from Amazon HERE, but you can find tons more on Etsy HERE!

Really crazy styles, designs, in all sorts of metals: silver, gold, steel

So why not be different?

Let your hair down. Enjoy!

Plus, you can even get really cool mismatched initial alphabet earring studs too. Get your initials. Get you and your partner… Get your kids… They’re awesome.

Take a peek…

Mismatched Alphabet Initial Earring Studs

Those diamond initial studs are from Zales HERE. And as you can see, you can choose from two different font styles… And the fatter block letters allow you to choose numbers and symbols (like a heart or a cross).

I really adore those!

So go wild. Why not? We already mix up our metals and colors… Sometimes our socks!

So your ears are the next to revolt.

Mismatch your lobes TODAY!

Cheers! :)

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