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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Mohs Scale Of Hardness Testing Kit

Looking at Gemstone Kits on Amazon, I came across a Kit that I think is Pretty Cool! (So I had to Buy one!)

It can actually Help Jewelry Stores out!

It’s a Moh’s Scale of Hardness Testing Kit (I didn’t even know they made them), that features 10 Rocks and Minerals that Make up and Define the Moh’s Scale of Hardness.

From 1-10, the Moh’s Scale is:

1: Talc 6: Feldspar
2: Gypsum 7: Quartz
3: Calcite 8: Topaz
4: Fluorite 9: Corundum
5: Apatite 10: Diamond

(See the Image Here:)

Mohs Scale Of Hardness
This Kit may not Feature Expensive Stones like Beryl or Topaz, but they will have Minerals that are Equal to their Hardness for Testing Purposes.

So What Exactly is the Moh’s Scale?

It’s a Scale that Rates Stones, Rocks, and Minerals from Hardest to Softest (Which is the Resistance in which a Smooth Surface can be Scratched by another). On this Scale, Diamond is the Hardest Mineral, which is a 10. Talc is the Softest, being a #1.

Any Mineral that’s Lower on the Scale can be Scratched by a Mineral Higher on the Scale. So a 9 (Corundum) will ALWAYS be able to Scratch an 8 (As well as a 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1).

Mohs Scale 9 Can Scratch 8-7-6-5-4-3-2 and 1

Diamond (Which is the Hardest Natural Substance on Earth, and IS Included in this Kit) can Scratch Every Stone there is, and it’s the only Rock that can Scratch another Diamond.

See the Diamond Below…

Hardness Kit Even Includes A Real Diamond

It’s Small, but it’s Real! :)

I Tested this Kit with a Couple of the Stones.

Rubbing 2 against 6, you can clearly see the Softer Stone (2) Wear Down and Scratch off onto the more Durable Stone (6).

Mohs Scale 2 Scratched Off On Number 6

The Same with 1 against 8…

Gemstone 1 Scratched Off Into Dust

1 Scratched off into Dust and it didn’t bother #8 in the least! :)

That’s how the Scratch Test Works and it Proves the Moh’s Scale of Hardness Theory.

Put it to Use

Jewelers can use a Kit like this (As well as Students, Teachers, Rock Collectors) to Test the Hardness of Stones and to Explain what the Scale is, and WHY it’s Important to Gems and their Ability to Last and Hold up well in Jewelry.

Gems like Ruby and Sapphire (Corundum – 9) are Very Durable, Scratch Resistant, and will Normally last you a Lifetime.

Other Stones like Emerald (7.5-8) are Softer and may Show Signs of Wear and Tear over the Years.

And still, other Gems like Pearls, which are a 2.5 on the list, are Quite Soft and can Scratch easily if not Protected!

Identifying Stones

Plus, this Scale will also help you Identify Gems as well.

Mohs Scale Of Hardness Testing Stones

Trying to figure out if a Rough Purple Rock is a Tanzanite (6.5), or an Amethyst (7.5), can be done by a Simple Scratch Test.

It can help Identify Stones and Pin-Point their Values as well.

This Inexpensive Kit is Intriguing if you Love Rocks and Minerals. It makes Learning the Moh’s Scale Easy and Fun.

Buy your Moh’s Testing Kit HERE!

Cheers! :)

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