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Mountings That Can Make Your Diamond Look Smaller

There are so many Types of Mountings out there:

  • Semi-Mountings that have Diamonds running down the Sides
  • Pave-Set Diamonds with intricate Bead Work
  • Wide Polished Bands
  • Halo Mountings
  • Tension Set Rings
  • Countless More…

But did you know the Wrong Mounting can actually Make your Diamond look Small?

That’s Not Good!

Some Mountings can actually Cover up a Good Portion of your Diamond with Thick Bezels and Prongs and Gold. It can Rid your Diamond of Brilliance and Sparkle by Shutting off Bright Rays of Light.

Some Mountings can even turn your Pretty White Diamond into a Nasty Yellow one. Yep, Yellow!

So let’s take a Closer Look at these Mountings…

Thick Mountings!

Many mountings are Thick and Heavy and rise up Covering the Sides of your Diamond. Bezel-Set Mountings and Partial Bezel-Set Mountings are known for this. Bezel-Settings are where a Rim of Gold Encircles the Outer Edge of the Stone and Holds it into the Mounting.

Partial Bezel-Sets only have the Bezel on Two Sides of the Diamond. (see picture) Bezels are Great for Protecting the Diamond from Harm. You’ll Never have to Worry about Snagging Prongs because there aren’t any! But what you Sacrifice is the Diamond, Light and Sparkle. Not to mention the Fact that your Diamond will now look 20-25% Smaller! Ouch!

And then there are Prongs!

6 Prong Heads tend to Cover up a lot more of your Diamond than 4 Prongs. 6 Prongs are Safer, but you Lose Valuable Light, not to mention the Fact that it makes your Pretty Diamond Ring look Gaudy. 4 prongs are Cleaner and Better! Much Better!

Tension Mountings

Tension Set Mountings hold your Diamond into the Mounting with Pressure on the Sides of it. The Diamond actually sets in Little Grooves or Notches in the Mounting. Which also means, Part of your Diamond is Hidden. Anytime you Hide some of your Stone, it’ll look smaller. And if your Mounting is a Yellow Mounting, it can make your Diamond look Yellow as well!

Cathedral Mountings

Mountings that are Wider than your Diamond over-power your Diamond and make it look Smaller. Large Wide Mountings like Cathedral Style Mountings, (Simple Thick Wide Mountings that rise up on each side of your Diamond) Dwarf your Diamond and make it look Small.

The BEST Mountings to Buy?

So what Mountings will make your Diamond look Normal or Larger?

Simple Mountings that aren’t Wide or Busy work well. It really does seem like such a Shame to Bury your Beautiful Diamond in a Heap of Thick Gold. Purchase a Simple but Elegant Mounting with a 4-Prong Head and your Diamond will look Larger and Really Shine!

See some Great Examples Here at James Allen! :)

Keep em Clean!

Lastly, Keep your Diamonds Clean and Spotless.

A Clean Diamond always looks Bigger and Brighter!

So there you have it, the Secrets to Making your Diamond NOT look Small!

Cheers! :)

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