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National Scrabble Day Jewelry


One of my favorite words to play in Scrabble…

Wouldn’t you say?

Or lay? For today is National Scrabble Day, and enthusiasts everywhere are raving.

Better Dust that Game off!

Scrabble, if you don’t know, is a board game that all began in 1938 (can you believe that?). Two to four players score points by placing tiles (wooden or plastic bearing a single letter–and a score point), onto a gameboard that is divided into a 15 × 15 square grid. Lay the words in crossword style (as found in The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary), and rack up the most points at the end of the game to win.

These Tiles are used for Jewelry, too!

Scrabble tiles are also the perfect size and shape for creative minds to design pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings. They really are an excellent resource of BLING!

Forming words, initials, sayings, and phrases…

Some tiles have pendant bails, some cufflink backs, some hinged links, some painted, varnished, strung together in imaginable ways

And it all looks Good and Works!

Fun, simple, clean. Instantly recognizable

Just like these Cool Scrabble Tiles below…

Scrabble Tile Jewelry

Makes you want to Play a Game!

And wear some GAME!

Buy your Scrabble Tile Jewelry Here:

And, while you’re at it…

Maybe it’s time to grab a new board. They make tons and tons of different Scrabble games, from deluxe, to travel, to easy score, super-sized, collectors, rotating boards, to ones that LOCK the tiles in place (gotta love that), and even Scrabble Junior (for kids)

Take a Peek, see what I mean:

P.S. Do get yourself an updated dictionary, too!

Now that’s playing to win.

Happy Scrabble Day!

C H E E R S ! : )

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