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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

No Diamond Quality Listed

Want to know a secret?

If a website, catalog, or flier doesn’t list the actual quality of the diamond…

There’s a reason for that!

It’s probably BAD QUALITY!

Bad, as in low color and low clarity (as in SI2, I1, I2, I3 clarity, and J-K-L-M color).

For if the diamond quality were high, then they’d go out of their way to tell you that.

(The same is true for salespeople… If they don’t tell you what quality the stone is, they’re hiding something.)

So if you don’t see any quality (the 4C’s) listed, then…


Look at these fliers and catalogs as examples

No Diamond Quality Listed In Catalog

Diamond Color Is Near Colorless

Diamond Quality Listed Is Wrong Or Confusing

You’ll find very little info, confusing info, or NOTHING listed at all about the cut, color or clarity.


All you generally see if the carat weight (which is still listed as “approximate“), and price.

Department stores are guilty of this big time, because they usually carry nothing but low quality goods.

And even websites often don’t list all the info, like cut, certification, polish, symmetry or fluorescence.

It’s just a guessing game.

So I always say, if they don’t tell you, or bring it up, then they’re probably bottom of the bucket.

You do get what you pay for.

And if it’s cheap, then the diamonds will be cheap as well.

They’ll more than likely be cloudy, full of inclusions, have huge black spots, little sparkle, and may even be chipped or cracked.

Proceed with caution.

If you don’t see the 4C’s listed, you should probably think twice.

Or at least inquire and find out.

Is a deal worth the risk?

Do you want a crappy stone?

Only you can answer that.

If it were me, I would shop at James Allen and buy SI1, D-E-F, Excellent Cut, 1 Carat Rounds. Those are the ultimate stones.

Cheers! :)

14k Wheat Chains (top post 2)

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James Allen

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Blue Nile

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  1. Never thought that anyone who wanted to sell something bad enough would want to keep all the merchandise’s best characteristics hidden! If it’s great news, or even better than average news, nobody in their right mind would keep it a secret! Like you said, they’d be turning themselves inside out to crow about the benefits! If I gotta ask, in this case especially, then it must be information they don’t want known!
    I checked out that cushion cut stone you recommended, and found two things about it. One – it’s been sold and two – it looks like it’s got pepper sprinkles in it. I think I like this one – – better! Same size, price, color and clarity ratings, no flourescense. And pretty!! No black “sprinkles” in the middle of the table facet. There’s another one there that looks like it’s got a piece of black thread all squiggled up in the middle of the table facet – very odd!

    • Nice Stone Shari. I usually have my Diamond Search set for Excellent Cut, Polish and Symmetry, so it does Eliminate some Great Looking Diamonds and Great Prices! I should open up my Search a little bit more. :) Have a Great Holiday Season! -Richard

  2. Yes, I agree totally! While setting the characteristics up for the highest possible levels, you do two things ~ find some exceptional stones with “exceptional” price tags, and also, as you said, eliminate some very beautiful stones that may not be “Triple A’ grade, but are quite acceptable in many ways, including a more affordable price point. This one is excellent in polish and good in symmetry. I didn’t see a listing for cut, but apparently with the way this stone sparkles, it can’t be too bad!
    Sometimes a little weakness in one area can be compensated for by excellent characteristics elsewhere!
    Cut, of course, is the most important characteristic of diamond processing, and makes the basis for the others. A bad polish can wreck an otherwise good stone, and so can bad symmetry, but starting with an excellent cut can surely make it difficult to get bad symmetry! Personally, I wouldn’t go with more than one characteristic less than excellent, nor would I accept a stone with fluorescence.
    But, in spite of what all the paperwork says, it’s how the stone meets the individual eye that matters. Some folks don’t think any stone of less than D or E color can be beautiful, because an icy white, clean, clear stone represents the highest attainable type, therefore the most beautiful; while others enjoy a diamond that has more warmth and a little color to it, because it has more presence and a little more life in the sparkle. Beauty, in all things, is in the eye of the beholder, after all.

    • So True Shari. Cut isn’t listed for Cushion Cuts because they aren’t Graded as Rounds are, so that’s why I try to Compensate this Cut Category with both Excellent Polish and Symmetry just to be sure. Usually if both of them are High, the Cut is High as well. Cut in my Opinion, is the #1 Diamond Aspect and one that brings the most Beauty and Sparkle. I agree with Color, even though I LOVE Colorless Stones, Color can be hard to Judge, and if the Stone is Cut well, you won’t really Notice Color anyway. And Clarity to me is not High on the List at all, as long as it doesn’t have Big Obvious Black Spots, I’m good. :) -Richard

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