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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Microscope Diamonds or There's No Sale!

Looking at Diamonds…

Customers come into our Store after Shopping around Town for Certified Diamonds at the other Jewelry Stores (Both Independent and Corporate).

I go over the 4 C’s with them. I show them the Charts and where the Quality of Diamonds fall.

And then I ask them…

Have you ever Seen a Diamond under a Microscope before?

It seems like such an Odd Question to ask especially since they’ve been Shopping and Comparing Diamonds and Prices…

But I Assure you, The Answer is Surprising!

A Good 90% of them say “NO! I’ve Never Seen a Diamond under a Microscope.”


This actually doesn’t Shock me anymore even though it should. I’m just used to it after 25 years in the Business. This “NO” Response is the Response I LOVE! :)

It makes me Smile…

I Seize the Moment and Run with it

“Really?” I say Surprised…

“You’ve been looking at Diamonds and NOT ONE Single Jeweler has Yet to show you a Diamond under a Microscope?”

They Shake their Heads.

WOW” I say, “I can’t Believe that!

Shame on them!

This is the Truth!

I then Proceed to show these Customers Different Diamonds and Clarities under 10x Magnification. And Trust me, it Blows them away!

I go into Cut, GIA’s New Cut Grades, Proportions, Symmetry… I show them how the Facets line up. What the Culet looks like. What Size Girdle is Best to have.

And before you know it, I’ve got them at the Cashier and am Ringing them up for an $8,000 Certified Diamond Sale.

Why does this Work?

Because I took the time to not only Explain to them what they were Buying, but showing them the Differences under Magnification and why it matters to them.

Seeing Really is Believing!

I learned long ago that most Jewelry Store Salespeople DO NOT take the time to Educate Customers (Most Aren’t Educated Themselves). Poor Salespeople may go over the Basics of the 4C’s, but often fall short when it comes to showing them why one Diamond is $1,000 more than another similar looking Stone.

I’ve learned that you can talk about Facets and Diamond terminology until you’re Blue in the Face, but people won’t fully Comprehend it until they see it with their own eyes.

That’s the AHA Moment!

Diamonds and Gems are the one and only item in Life that you’ll ever Buy and need to Scrutinize every Single Dot, Nick, Line and Cloud. The things Inside and Outside of a Diamond Help Determine the Price of the Stone. And until you actually compare a VS1 to an I1 Clarity Diamond, you’ll Never Appreciate how Beautiful they really are.

So this is my Advice:

If you’re Shopping for Diamonds and there’s a Salesperson who’s only showing you the Clarity of the Diamond on the Diamond ChartThen Walk Away!

Even if this Stone is a Certified Diamond, DON’T Buy it from them unless you Magnify the Stone First!

If they aren’t showing you the Diamond under a Scope, what else are they Hiding?

It’s like Buying a Car

You’d Never Buy a Car without looking under the Hood would you? Would you??? Hopefully not! :)

You MUST Scope Diamonds!

You MUST see them Close up. You must Compare the Diamond Plot to the actual Flaws and Imperfections in the Stone. You need to Verify that the Diamond you’re Buying is the Diamond Listed on the Report. Plus, it also helps you Justify Spending more Money on Higher Quality Diamonds.

This is the only way you should ever Buy a Diamond… Through the Lens of a Microscope or 10x Jeweler’s Loupe!

If the Salesperson doesn’t show you (You shouldn’t have to Ask Either), then that Salesperson isn’t doing their Job. They shouldn’t Make a Sale and they Certainly shouldn’t Make a Commission!

No Microscope, No Sale!

Don’t buy a Diamond without Scoping it. It’s Buyer Beware. If you don’t Scope it, you’ll only have yourself to Blame.

So get to know that Diamond. Get Close. Look at the Stone inside and out. If you’re about to Spend Tons for a Diamond Engagement Ring, then you Owe it to yourself to know exactly what the Quality is.

It’s your Money.

It’s up to you!

For me, I’m staying one step ahead of the Competition (Thanks Guys).

Want to see what a Real Diamond looks like?

I Smile…

Follow Me!

Pick up your own Jeweler’s Microscope from Amazon today!

Cheers! :)

14k Wheat Chains

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