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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Pandora's Wooden Wood Bead Charms

Wood beads?

I had never really paid close attention to Pandora’s wood beads before.

That is, until my neighbor showed me her new bracelet.


She didn’t have them on the standard silver bracelet like so many others do… She had these wood beads (all 5 of the different colors) on one of Pandora’s brown single braided leather bracelets.

What a difference it makes.

I was blown away. It was so stunning.

Leather and wood:

The combination of adding wood beads to a brown leather bracelet changed my entire opinion of them. Not that I disliked them, I just never saw any that caught my eye. Until now…

Take a look…

Pandora's Wood Beads and Bracelets!

Very rich wood finish

Looking at all those wood beads is like looking at a newly varnished cherry wood floor. Smooth, spectacular, sleek, royal… It really is incredible.

You can see all the grain lines and patterns and textures in the wood.

I really can’t believe that I never really noticed them before.

Different types of wood beads:

Pandora makes 5 different types and colors of wooden beads.

Their hues, textures, type of wood, product numbers and prices can be found below.

Enjoy them.

Pau Amarelo Wood Bead

Pandora Pau Amarelo Wood Bead!This brightly colored yellow wood has a beautiful shine and luster to it.

It comes from a common tree in South America, Central Amazonia, and Brazil.

It looks wonderful with the other wood beads, gold spacers or two-tone Pandora charms.

Mix them, match them, there are so many possibilities (put it next to Pandora’s new Sunshine bead).

The detail and finish is superb.

Order a couple of these so they give your bracelet some new color and luster. :)

Product number = 79705

Price = $53.00

Muiracatiara Wood Bead

Pandora Muiracatiara Wood Bead!What a stunning wood bead. Light orange to orange brown hues with dark black stripes. This bead is absolutely beautiful.

Muiracatiara wood has a very intense look to it. Very rich and very elegant.

This tree can also be found in South America, Brazil, and Central Amazonia.

You simply can’t go wrong with orange tones. The warmth from this bead will look great up against any brown leather bracelet.

The detail and vibrancy of the pattern is superb.

Product number = 79702

Price = $53.00

Muirapiranga Wood Bead

Pandora Muirapiranga Wood Bead!This is my favorite Pandora wood charm. Beautiful is the only word that describes it.

Red has always a powerful color and this bead certainly does not disappoint.

Having both red and orange tones, this bead emits luster that is warm and rich. It looks great.

Try it on a Pandora red leather bracelet (like in the photo above). You will love the compliments.

Muirapiranga also comes from South America, Central Amazonia, and Brazil.

Product number = 79703

Price = $53.00

Acapu Wood Bead

Pandora Acapu Wood Bead!I love the warm medium brown shades this bead gives off. Acapu wood has some very distinct and very textured patterns to it.

Acapu wood comes from trees grown in the Rain Forests of Brazil and Guyana that tower up to over 100 feet tall.

Wear this bead on leather, silver, or even Pandora’s Khaki waxed cotton string chain.

This bead really is stunning. You will find many uses for it. Brown goes with just about anything and everything in your wardrobe. Necklaces, bracelets, it doesn’t matter, Acapu works with it all.

Product number = 79701

Price = $53.00

Coracao De Negro Wood Bead

Pandora Coracao De Negro Wood Bead!Dark brown wood, almost black wood with very fine striped patterns…. Awesome.

Some call this wood “Iron Wood” because it’s one very tough tree. Extremely strong.

This wood comes from the Tropics of South America.

If you have a black and white theme bracelet, this wood bead will look awesome spaced among the charms.

Black is a very stunning look to begin with. Many women wear nothing but black. They will love this bead. :)

Product number = 79704

Price = $53.00

Buy your wood beads today

If you haven’t taken a closer look at Pandora’s wood beads yet, do so.

Check them out.

They will change your mind like they changed mine.

All it took was one brown leather bracelet and 5 wooden beads… I was hooked.

Earth tones look great on the skin and enhance pretty much any color or style of clothing you wear.

I say, buy the leather, buy the beads…

Buy them today.

You’ll love it.

Cheers! :)

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