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Pear Shaped Diamond Perfection

This is a deal!

It’s a pear shaped diamond (one of the best selling shapes today), and it’s LARGE!

Over 1.50 carats (1.52 to be exact), of pure pear perfection.

Okay… It’s not a perfect pear, not even close (that would cost you $23,000)…

But it is perfect where it counts:

Appearance, beauty, and price!

3 things that every pear shaped diamond must have to be appealing. A good looking shape; not squat, not roundish or elongated… like these odd pear shaped diamonds below:

Undesirable Pear Shaped Diamonds

A pear has to look pleasing to the eye. That’s the first step, a shape that’s desirable.

Beauty comes next…

Beauty is how the stone faces up, how much it shines and sparkles. And this is achieved through the shape, polish and symmetry. When it all comes together the result is beauty. A stone that’s faceted well will be brightly lit (not dark or dull, full of shadows; like an ugly black bowtie). Good diamonds are full of life and fire.

A beautiful diamond also doesn’t have distracting glaring flaws, like huge eye-visible imperfections (most notably black spots or cracks/fissures). Most diamonds do have inclusions, but you don’t want ones where the flaw is dead center or quite obvious. Which is why I recommend purchasing SI2 clarity diamonds or higher (called eye-clean diamonds). That way all the flaws are microscopic only, you won’t see them with the bare eye.

This particular diamond I chose, has “excellent” grades in both symmetry and polish (those are the highest grades you can get). These, along with no fluorescence, and an F color (pure white diamond that helps the diamond look brighter and bigger), give you what I call, a perfect pear diamond.

Take a peek:

Perfect Pear Shaped Diamond

1.00, SI2, F, EX, EX, NONE $8,560 VIEW

Do realize that under magnification (20x shown above), you will see the flaws easily (this is how they grade diamonds). But without magnification, to the eye, you won’t see anything but beauty.

And to top it off…

It’s certified by GIA (the best in the business). That way, an SI2 is an SI2. Any other diamond report company (like IGI or EGL) would probably fudge that grade and call it a higher clarity diamond instead (and charge more). GIA is much more strict and accurate! That way you know what you’re buying, is what you get.

A perfect price:

The price is awesome for a stone this large (1 1/2 carats), it’s $8,560 (at the time of this post). That’s what most people would pay for a nice 1 carat round diamond.

So instead, put this much bigger pear shaped diamond into a solitaire mounting, (I would recommend a halo mounting), and it will look like a movie stars engagement ring, right out of a fairy tale.

It’s perfection where it matters; to your eyes and your pocketbook.

Grab this spectacular 1.52 pear shaped diamond here at James Allen.

And if that diamond is sold, check out these similar sized diamonds here:

Pear Shaped Loose Diamonds

(Just keep an eye on the shape.)

Get them all here at James Allen.

Cheers! :)

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