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Perfectly Proportioned Symmetrical Cushion Cut Ideal Diamond


Talk about jaw-dropping

This cushion cut diamond is a masterpiece indeed.

Just look at it… It’s a perfectly proportioned, symmetrically ideal, True Hearts diamond, and an absolute stunning display of patterns, brilliance and light.

Take a Peek…

Perfectly Proportioned Symmetrical Cushion Cut Diamond

Such an Impressive Stone!

Everything about it rocks… With VVS2 clarity (extremely high clarity grade), E color (pure white, ultra bright white), it doesn’t get much better than this.

But it does!

It also has AGS Ideal 0 grades. Three of them! “Ideal 0” in cut, polish and symmetry. That’s the best triple Ideal 0 cut you can get.

It’s as Perfect as Perfect can be.

With no fluorescence, .86 carats, and a price that is a total steal

This Cushion Cut sells for just $4,200

It’s a magnificent diamond that will sell fast, fast, fast!

So if you’re looking for the ultimate perfection, a great diamond for an engagement ring, then don’t hesitate, grab this diamond at James Allen TODAY!

And if it’s already sold (usually it sells without hours of posting), then check on these other True Hearts cushion cut diamonds here.

Cheers! :)

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