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How To Pick A Great Pair of Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Earrings Sell like Crazy

They’re probably one of the Most Popular Selling Pieces of Jewelry Ever!

(Second to Engagement Rings of course)

But no matter what Size or Carat Weight or Quality of Diamond Studs you’re interested in, one Question always arises:

How do you Choose a Great Pair of Diamond Earrings?

Or “What do you look for in a Great Pair of Diamond Studs?

So here are a Few Pointers that will Help you Pick out…

The Perfect Pair of Diamond Earrings

Let me run down my 7 Most Important Features…

1) Buy Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Studs

Round Stones have More Sparkle than any other cut of Diamond. Plus they’ll never go out of Style and never look Funny if they Spin in your Ears.

2) Go for Brilliance and Sparkle

Forget all you know about Clarity!

Most people get so Caught up in what the Tag says, that they Fail to Actually to look at the Diamonds and see how they Sparkle.

Clarity like SI Clarity (Slightly Included) and VS Clarity (Very Slightly Included), don’t matter much when you’re talking about Diamond Studs. Inclusions in Diamond Earrings are so Small you can’t really see them anyways.

Unless it’s Huge Black Spots that are Quite Obvious, don’t Worry about it.

Nobody ever gets that Close to your Ears to see the difference anyway. Look for Sparkle and Brilliance instead. Trust your Eyes, they don’t lie.

Get Diamond Studs that are Full of Life and Fire and ones that will Dance in your Ears.

3) Go for White Color

White Diamonds, like D-E-F and G are Awesome Colors for Earrings. White Diamonds will make your Earrings look Brighter and Whiter and make them Sparkle more.

4) Buy White Gold or Platinum Earring Mountings

Setting them in 14kt White Gold or Platinum will make your Diamonds Sparkle more. Why? Because they won’t Add a Yellow Cast to the Diamonds like a Yellow Gold Mounting will. Even if you wear nothing but Yellow Gold Jewelry, still put your Earrings in a White Metal. They’ll POP like Crazy! Trust me!

5) Buy Basket Head Mountings

(see picture above) Basket Heads, or Earring Backs that are more open, are Wire Frames that allow more Light into your Diamond.

Plus Basket Heads tend to Sit Closer to your Ears, which is Good. They won’t Droop or Point Down and they won’t look Bulky or Gaudy!

6) Buy Big

The Bigger the Diamond Studs, the Better. 1.00 Carats are Awesome. 2.00 Carats are Killer! Big Diamond Studs just Rock!

7) Lastly, Keep them Clean

Nothing Sucks Worse than Dirty Diamond Earrings. Clean them once a Week and your Diamonds will Love you and your Earrings will Sparkle and Shine like the Day you Bought them!

Great Diamond Stud Earrings

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Cheers! :)

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