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Picking The Right Jewelry Store To Buy An Engagement Ring From

Going from store to store? Trying to decide where to buy “the ring”?

Trying to figure out which company is best, with the best deals???

Which one is the right one for you?

Well, there isn’t an easy answer to all of this because of one thing:

You’re dealing with an individual and NOT the actual company (or their philosophy).

So at any given time, that one salesperson is the sole representative of that company. Meaning, they may not be acting in the company’s best interest at all times. They could be having an off day.

Who knows, maybe the got no sleep the night before, maybe their dog died, maybe the got into a fight with their significant other, maybe they experienced road rage…

Am I making excuses?

Maybe… But it’s not the store, it’s that person.

You just don’t know.

It’s difficult to base your purchase and what you think of the store, just on that one salesperson and what they say or do.

Not everyone is always 100%. Even the best of us… Some days we’re down.

It’s human nature.

And people tend to forget this. People automatically think “This place sucks!” And they leave, and never come back. It could happen to any business, at any time.

Think about your favorite restaurant. Have you ever gone there and just gotten okay service? Attitude? Cold food? Is it the waitress? The chef? Someone called in sick???

Holding an entire jewelry store accountable isn’t fair sometimes.

One day you could be treated like a King or Queen, or you could be hurried out the door.

How do you decide?

You decide this way: You look at the bigger picture. Take a step back and consider everything when engagement ring shopping:

  • Diamond Info
  • Diamond Prices
  • Service
  • Warranties

Looking at the entire package can help you better decide which jeweler is the right jeweler to shop with.

Let’s take a closer look…

Diamond Info:

Do they give you enough info about the item you’re interested in? Enough info to effectively shop and compare apples to apples?

Do they tell you the 4 C’s? The cut (the real cut grade and not just the shape of the stone… “excellent ” cut vs “round“)? Do they tell you the color of the stone? Show you where they fall on a diamond chart?

Do they talk about the clarity? Show it to you under a microscope? These things are important when shopping for diamonds.

Is the stone certified (comes with a diamond report from GIA)? Does the diamond have fluorescence (this will be listed on the report as well)?

When buying diamonds, the only way to know if you’re getting a good deal is to know all of the info. Only then can you decide why the prices are different and which jeweler is overcharging.

And the best way to compare stones is to see them side by side. Compare different qualities and cuts and see them sparkle. Some face up better than others. It’s something you have to see to believe.

Diamond Prices:

Before you buy any diamond, compare their prices with James Allen instead.

James Allen has every carat weight, every quality, every shape imaginable (over 200,000 diamonds in stock). So it’s easy to see the actual stones, and find the perfect price for you. You’d be surprised with how much cheaper they are verses the mall stores.

Compare a diamond from Kay Jewelers to James Allen below…

Compare Diamonds Solitaires From Kay Jewelers And James Allen

Kays, 1.00, SI2, I, ?, ?, ?, ? $8,399 VIEW
James Allen, 1.00, SI2, I, EX, EX, EX, NONE $4,080 VIEW
James Allen, 14k White Gold Solitaire Ring $240 VIEW

There is NO Comparison!

Kays is double the priceWOW!!! (At the time of this post; prices may change)


How you are treated goes a long way… Do you feel pressured? Intimidated? Rushed? Is the presentation awkward? Do they have to keep leaving and asking someone else the answer?

Buying a diamond should be a joyous experience. You should feel great when you leave the store. It should feel comfortable, calm, there should be good rapport, you should feel happy about your choice (not railroaded).

After all, most people tend to shop at the jeweler that sold them their ring for the rest of their lives. So you want to find a store and salesperson you connect with… You’ll be buying your wedding rings, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, and Christmas goodies from them…


Warranties are vital. Is the diamond under warranty? Do they have a return policy? What happens if you break a prong? Need to get it resized? Lose a stone?


Some jewelry stores have very little policies. Some have none. Some make you pay for them. Do they offer a trade-in/upgrade plan? What about buybacks? Engraving? Repairs???


Asking will be the only way to find out what they do and how they’ll take care of you in the future. Many times these policies are hanging on the walls, or they have brochures on the counter. No matter what, you want your ring to be covered. Some stores even offer insurance, payment plans, interest free financing, layaway…

All in all…

There isn’t a perfect way to find the right store. Most of it is following your gut. But comparing rings, prices, and policies can help immensely.

I’d suggest heading out to all the local jewelry stores first. See what they have to offer. Talk to the people, the managers, see which stores you trust.

And then before you commit to buy, shop online (which also eliminates dealing with people). Because, as you can seen from the example above, you can save tons of money!

And if want to see which diamonds I recommend, check out these beautiful diamonds HERE!

Cheers! :)

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