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Reversible Silicone Wedding Rings

QALO is the original maker of the silicone wedding ring.

They were the first to market them to great success.

And now, they have something new, and better.

I first saw one of these on Wednesday, when I met my friend for diner. She had on a silicone rainbow ring… And was so excited to show me that it was totally reversible. She removed her ring, twisted it inside out, and slid it back on. It went from rainbow, to white. She loves it, and of course I said “I have to blog about that!

See these reversible bands below:

Reversible Silicone Rings

As far as I can see, only QALO is making these (called QALO SWITCH), and found on Amazon here.

Silicone rings are practical, fun, comfortable, and cute. And hey, you can’t beat the rainbow color… But as you can see, they have many other styles and colors to choose from.

So pick your favorite, and switch it up anytime you feel like it.

See all of the reversible silicone bands here on Amazon.

Cheers! :)

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