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Rough Diamonds For Sale

Ruff Ruff

You’ve heard of “Diamonds in the Rough” before, but did you ever think about Buying One?

What is a Rough Diamond?

It’s a Natural, Real Diamond that’s been Dug out of the Earth’s Crust. It’s not been Faceted, Polished or Cut by Man or Machine. It’s Genuine and Raw, and it’s also Much Cheaper than a Normal Polished Diamond.


You should be! Rough Diamonds are Pretty Cool, Different, and make some Very Neat Pieces of Conversation.

Rough Diamond Jewelry is Artsy, Fun, and the Savings are HUGE!

Let’s take a look at some Diamonds in the Rough that are for Sale across the Net, so you can see what I mean…

Rough Diamonds for Sale!

Rough Diamonds!

Awesome Rough Diamond Ring!

You can Purchase Rough and Unpolished Diamonds Separately, or Pre-Set in Rings, Pendants and More!

James Allen has a Great Selection (HAD, not any more) of Rough Diamond Jewelry that Showcases Different Rough Rocks of Different Hues and Shades, like White Diamonds, Yellow Diamonds, Brown Diamonds, and even Green Diamonds (Very Awesome).

Take a Peek…

James Allen Rough Diamonds!

Other Jewelers Sell Different Designs and Styles as well. Look at these Rough Diamonds for Sale…

John Betts Rough Diamond Jewelry!

So why Not be a Little Different?

Be a Little Edgy!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side, and Buy something Unusual and Eye Catching. In Fact, you could even Buy an Engagement Ring Unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

Diamond in the Rough Engagement Ring!

Color and Clarity

You don’t have to Worry about Color or Clarity when it comes to Rough Diamonds because that’s the Coolest thing about Raw, Natural Stones. You get the Real Deal. The Untouched Diamond straight from the Mine. How Cool is that?

What Matters the Most is the Look and Feel of the Diamond and Ring. How Unique it is. All the little Shapes and Crevices. It makes your Jewelry stand out and say “Look At Me!

So don’t Follow the Norm.

Get Creative and Crazy

A One Carat Rough Diamond could run you Thousands of Dollars Less than a Polished Stone.

1 Carat Rough Diamond Solitaire

1.00 Carat Rough Diamond in 18k White Gold Ring $2,800

1 Carat Polished Diamond

1.00 Carat SI1 G Loose Polished Diamond $5,750

Different is GOOD!

And if your Birthday is in April, all the Better. Diamond is your Birthstone!

Even Amazon Sells Rough Diamonds at Great Prices

Amazon Rough Diamonds!

Rough, isn’t it?

Cheers! :)


  1. Without any certificate, how could a person ensure that it is a real gem, not an ordinary stone in someone’s backyard. Just curious :)

  2. looking for diamond dust parcels

  3. Kakadiya Group // October 13, 2016 at 3:37 am // Reply

    sharing such a informative information regarding raw rough diamond, Thanks for this great post..!

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