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Saturday is Watch Battery Day


I’ll never understand this. Saturday is watch battery day! Saturday is the day that every person in the city decides to come into the jewelry store and get their watch battery changed.

It never fails. We do hundreds of them. Every single time the door opens “Can I get my battery changed?” SURE!

Am I crazy or what?

I don’t mind watch battery day. I’m pretty quick at changing them. Some literally take 20 seconds and it’s done. Others can be a pain. Some have tiny screws and metal springy parts that fly all over the place and get lost. It can be time consuming and aggravating. One watch battery suddenly takes up 1/2 hour of your time. Not cool.

All this time goofing with a battery, keeps me off the sales floor. And no sales… makes me not happy.

“Here’s my bag….”

Saturdays are not only good for 1 battery (cell), but this is the day that customers will bring in bags of watches needing new batteries.

Seriously, they’ll bring in a bag filled with 30 watches and dump them all over the counter. These are always the cheap fashion watches that you can buy for $5.00. I’ll say it right here, the cheaper the watch, the harder it is to change the battery. These are the watches that break easily and are impossible to close back up. And now we have 30 of them.


Why do customers wait until every single watch they own dies before they bring them in? And what’s funny is, some of these customers want them changed while they wait.

30 batteries is not fun. Changes are good, we’ll probably run out of batteries before we ever get them finished.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind doing watch batteries, but can you spread them out? Pick a Tuesday instead? I get tired of doing nothing but batteries on Saturdays.

I would rather be selling diamonds. It would be different if a watch battery customer would buy something else; earrings, a pendant, rings… something. Then at least I would feel a little bit better about fighting with a watch that won’t seal. But all they want is a battery and they’re out the door.

“Want to buy a diamond?” RATS!

Next Saturday… I’m calling in sick.

/end of rant

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