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september is blue sapphire pink sapphire yellow sapphire month

September = Sapphire!

All month long it’s been Sapphire Month

And that’s because Sapphire is the Official Birthstone for the Month of September.

Sapphire actually makes an IDEAL Choice for a Gemstone, for it’s the Most Durable Gem underneath a Diamond. Meaning, it will Last Long and Look Beautiful your Whole Life…

When most people think of Sapphires, they tend to think of the color BLUE.

Blue Sapphires are the Most Popular…

But if you don’t like Blue, or Wear other Colors, Sapphire doesn’t help you much.

That’s why it’s good to know that Sapphire actually comes in about every color of the Rainbow (except for RED, when it’s RED it’s called a RUBY).

If you search the Jewelry Stores, you’ll see all sorts of Sapphires in Beautiful Hues of Yellows and Pinks!

(Pinks are my all time Favorite Sapphires!)

So take a peek at the Sapphires below to see what I mean…

september blue sapphires

september yellow sapphires

september pink sapphires

See, Stunning!

Also note that the DEEPER, or Darker the Color, the BETTER! Those are the more Valuable ones… BUT… And this is a big BUT, don’t get the Stones so Dark that they look BLACK. Because when they get too Dark, where the Color all but Disappears, it’s BAD!

Stick with Vibrant Hues, like a Medium Hue to Dark, (Not Watery or Transparent), something with some Strong POP and UMPH… Just like the Stones shown in the Very Top Picture…

Now those are Sapphires!

And a Great Place to Buy Sapphires, of any Size, Shape, Color, or Price, is James Allen!

They carry some Wonderful Gems that are Perfect for anyone, and fit any Pocketbook.

So grab some Sapphires TODAY:

And have them set in the Mounting of your Choice… Pendant, Ring, Earrings… Something Unique and Different, made just for YOU!

Cheers! :)

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