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Shark Week Shark Lokai Bracelet

It’s Shark Week!

YAHH!!!!! I LOVE watching those sharks. I find them extremely fascinating, and apparently, so does the entire nation, for SHARKS are everywhere!

Including your wrist!

For now you can actually purchase a limited edition Shark Lokai Bracelet! Lokai is a charity organization that supports Oceana, and right now… They have a Shark Lokai, just in time for SHARK WEEK!

Take a Peek…

Shark Week Lokai Oceana Charity Bracelet

I think these Bracelets are COOL!

I actually bought TWO of them!

But then, I also support groups like The Pacific Whale Foundation, and have Adopted Numerous Whales and Turtles over the years (Migaloothe Albino White Whale is Beautiful!)

Migaloo Albino Whale

And with Lokai…

You can support SHARKS!!!

Shark Bracelet

When you head over to Lokai, you’ll be greeted with a window that tells you these Shark Bracelets are only good until JULY 1st! That’s not long at all…

Get Your Shark Week Lokai Bracelet Now

Plus, you can SUBMIT YOUR OWN PHOTO… Slap it on, go snorkeling with the sharks… Yep, if you dare!

Lokai Oceana Charity Bracelet Submit Your Photo

Other Charities:

Some of the other charities that Lokai supports:

Lokai Charity Bracelets

It’s a great (white) cause, and one that is dear to your heart! “Here Sharky, Sharky, Sharky!

Go GRAB your own Shark Bracelet TODAY!

And enjoy Shark Week!



My Bracelets Arrive!

I just opened my Package from Lokai and my Two Bracelets look AWESOME!

Shark Lokai Bracelets

I’m so Happy I bought them, and Happy to Help the Sharks out!

Cheers! :)

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