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Shh The Engagement Ring is a Secret

Here’s a quick tip for all those guys about to POP the question:

Keep it a secret!

Mums up when it comes to hints or questions like “So, what’s your ring size?

Say nothing of the sort.

Keep it quiet.

Because otherwise it will ruin her lifelong dream’s surprise.

And trust me, this is one secret women don’t want you to ruin.

Once you buy the engagement ring, or wedding set, hide it. Lock it in your glove box (notice I said LOCK), put it in a bank’s security box, the safe at work, have a trusting friend hang onto it, or just leave it in the jeweler’s layaway until the day you need it.

The point is:

Don’t leave it out for her to stumble upon. And what ever you do, hide the receipt, box, bag, and all the paperwork (certificates, appraisals, insurance, guarantees, business cards…). Also don’t tell her friends or family (unless they can be trusted and are in on the proposal).

Another tip…

Don’t even mention that you were in a jewelry store. That raises red flags.

Zip it!

Another good point…

Most people tend to forget… Make sure the jeweler stays quiet as well.

Often jewelers will call when the ring is finished, sized, altered, ordered or engraved. They call (or email, or text) as a courtesy and good customer service, but this is one topic that you don’t want left on the answering machine or caller ID. So make sure you tell the jeweler to note on the slip “NO CALLS!” Don’t ruin the surprise. Just ask for a pick-up time and date, and that’s it.

Also let them know that if they see your soon-to-be fiancee, to not say a word. Many times guys will shop at the same jeweler that she shops at and everyone will know everyone. Be careful of this. It would be bad news to have her swing into the store to get her necklace cleaned and have the sales rep say “So did you like your ring?


Everyone must know that it’s a secret and to keep their lips sealed. That way she won’t be the wiser, and your cool and unique (kick-ass) proposal will go off without a hitch.

Because the last thing she wants to hear when she’s folding clothes is “Hi, I’m calling from scott jewelers and I just wanted to let you know that your engagement ring is back from engraving.


Make sure the jeweler highlights NO CALLS on the repair slip. That’s a no-no.

You don’t want the ring-ring to distract from the ring.

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Cheers! :)

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