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Should you Buy Both the Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Together?

A lot of Guys Scratch their Heads and Ponder this Eternal Question when Making a Diamond Engagement Ring Purchase.

Should you Buy Both the Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring together at the same time?

Usually the Biggest Decider is Money! If Money wasn’t an Issue, there’d be no Question.

True Benefits?

But are there any True Benefits to Purchasing the Diamond Engagement Ring and Diamond Wedding Rings together?

The Answer is: Yes!

Here’s the Basic Reason: Rings Change! Styles Change. Designs are Updated.

Ring Lines get Dropped. Manufacturers Stop Production. Vendors Close Down. Just like Cars, every year or so the Line gets Renewed, Revamped. Not to mention Jewelers are always looking for the Latest and Greatest New Styles and Trends.

So the Diamond Ring that you Buy this Year, won’t be around Next.

Custom Designed

So if you Pass up the Opportunity of Buying that Matching Wedding Band now, you’ll have a Hard Time Trying to Find Something that Matches or Fits later.

In the Future, there’s a Good Chance that you’ll have to Result to Paying to have a Custom Wedding Band made. And Custom Designed Rings are NOT Cheap! Not to mention the Fact that to have a Custom Band made they’ll need to Keep her Engagement Ring (The Jewelers need to Create a Wax). Most Fiancees will Not Be Happy about giving up their Proposal Ring!

Now some Jewelers won’t even Break apart their Wedding Sets and Sell them Separately either. They know how Tough it is to Sell Just the Band, and how Difficult it is to Make one later. Which is Good! And… You’ll usually get a Better Deal Buying them Both at once anyway. AND… You won’t have to Spend More Money Later, when it’s time for the Wedding.

It works out Perfectly for the Customer! :)

The ONE Ring!

Sadly, the whole TWO-BAND Thing is a Fading Style. The New Trend Today is that most Rings are Sold as One Piece! One Individual Ring that Serves as Both the Wedding Ring and the Engagement Ring!

My how Times are Changing…

Here’s a Bit of Advice:

If you’re Tight on Money… If you can only Afford to get the Engagement Ring now, then be Smart about it… Put the Matching Wedding Band into Layaway!

Layaways are Interest Free!

Pay on the Wedding Ring until you need it.

Payments are usually once a month. You can’t go Wrong!

And you’ll certainly be Happy and Prepared when the Big Day comes!

Cheers! :)

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