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Should you Buy Matching Wedding Rings?

It’s Funny, because Women Obsess over this Question.

Should Her Wedding and Engagement Ring match His Wedding Ring?

Should His Match Hers?

Do Couples still do this Type of thing?

People just don’t know.

Do they need to be the Same Design? The Same Width? The Same Color or Metal?

Do they need to have Matching Diamond Quality, or the Same Number of Stones?

Do the Rings Need to Match?

Or is this all Old-Fashioned and Irrelevant?

The Answer is…

There is NO True Answer!

It’s all up to you!

It all depends on what you ultimately want. What’s your Desire? If it’s important to you for your Rings to Match, then do so. If it makes any difference to you if the Diamonds, Metal, or Width Match, then by all means, Match them!

But Honestly, out of what I’ve seen most couples do, I don’t think it matters much anymore.

Today, things are so different than when your Parents got Married.

Back then, they would actually Create Matching His and Her Ring Sets. (Called Trio-Sets!) (See: Diamond Trio-Set) But not anymore! Today’s Styles are so Unique and Wildly Different. The Options and Mountings and Designs are Endless. You’re no longer Stuck with just a Few Rings to choose from. So finding the Perfect Wedding Ring can be a Fun and Exciting.

The Ring you Pick, should make YOU Happy!

That’s the only Real Criteria here!

After all, you’ll be Wearing this Ring for the Rest of your Life. That’s why it’s so Important for you to get the Ring you Want. One that’s Comfortable and Feels good. If it’s Stainless Steel, or White Gold, Yellow Gold or Titanium, it doesn’t matter. It’s all in what you Desire. It’s a Personal Thing. Preference!

She should get what she Wants and Likes, and he should get what he Likes.

One Ring shouldn’t Dictate how the other one looks (Unless it’s something that you both agree on).

I have some couples ask about this. Some are still Old Fashioned and believe in Old Fashioned ways. They want the Engagement and Wedding Rings to Match. They want a Big Wedding and a Wonderful Ceremony. It’s like a Dream come true. And for them, it’s a good thing. But it’s not for everyone.

Times have Changed!

Young Adults are more Apt to have Crazy, Unique Styles and Individual Personalities. It comes through in their Clothes, their Music, their Hair Styles, and the Jewelry they wear (“Is that an Eye-Brow Piercing?“)

If it makes you Happy, then go for it!

And some people even take it one step further. Some people not only get Rings that DON’T Match, but they do something even more Extreme… They get their Rings Tattooed Right onto their Finger! Like Howard Stern, the “King Of All Media” for Example. He has his Wedding Band (That says “B” for Beth) Engraved directly onto his Wedding Ring Finger. Now that’s the Ultimate Commitment!

Go Howard!

So Do They Need To Match?

I’d Say NO!

Buy something that you Love. Something that Fits your Personality. Something that you’ll be Happy to Wear Forever and Ever till Death do you Part.

Because, that’s Truly the Only Perfect Match Made in Heaven!

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