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Should You Take Your Fiancee Engagement Ring Shopping?

Lots of Men don’t know what to do when it comes time to Buy the Diamond Engagement Ring.

Which always Leads to the Ultimate Question:

Should you take your Girlfriend or Fiancee Diamond Ring Shopping?

There are so many Good Points and Bad Points to Discuss here, so let’s Jump Right in and look at the Pros and Cons….

Here are the Pros:

  1. You’ll know what Carat Weight she Wants
  2. You’ll know what Shape she wants: Round Cut, Princess Cut, Marquise, Pear, Emerald…
  3. You’ll know her Exact Ring Size
  4. She’ll get the Diamond Ring she really Wants
  5. You’ll know what Type of Metal she wants: Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold…
  6. You’ll find out if she wants a Solitaire Ring, A Wedding Set, Trio Set , One-Piece…

Not Bad… NOW…

Here are the Cons:

  1. There won’t be any “Surprise!”
  2. She had to Pick out her own Ring
  3. She’ll feel like she Pushed the Ring on you
  4. She’ll have no Idea of How Much you really Wanted to Spend
  5. She’ll feel Bad for Picking out the “Expensive Ring
  6. You’ll Spend Twice as much as you thought you would

But Should you or Shouldn’t you take your Fiancee or Girlfriend Engagement Ring Shopping?

It all Depends on You!

Do you want to be the one to Pick out her Engagement Ring? Lots of Men Want the Fun of Picking out the Perfect Ring and Surprising her with it. If you need Clues as to the Size, Shape or Color, ask her Girlfriends or Mom for Advice.

If you don’t want to Alert anyone of your Desires, then try and be Sly about it. Swing into a Mall Jewelry Store while you’re out Walking around to “Get your Rings Cleaned” or to get a “Watch Battery“.

While you’re there, let her Wander around and look at Rings. “Those” Rings! Watch her Facial Expressions, Eyes, Smiles, Pose, and Body Language. See what she picks out. Is it a Marquise cut? (see picture) Is it White Gold? Does it have Side Stones? Be Observant! Are the Diamonds Channel-Set? Pave-Set? See what Lights up her Eyes. That’s the Clue… It’s not what she says, it’s what she does!

See what makes her Happy

If you simply MUST take her Diamond Ring Shopping, then tell her up front that there are some rules to follow:

  1. Don’t ask about the PriceEVER!
  2. Don’t Peek at the Price Tag. (Price is something that she should have No Part in. That’s the Man’s JOB!) Make sure the Salesperson doesn’t Discuss Price in front of her. Period!
  3. Have your Girlfriend/Fiancee pick out SOME Rings she likes (NOT JUST ONE) And that’s it! Her Job is Now Done! Have the Salesperson Write down the Ring Info on their Business Card (and do be Loyal and go back to THEM!) along with her Correct Ring Size! Go to at least a Half Dozen Jewelry Stores and have her do the Same! Pick out all of her Favorite Rings.

Then my Friend it’s all up to YOU!

Go back to those Jewelry Stores later, without her, and really spend some time looking closer at the Diamond Rings. Magnifying them (With a Microscope or a Jeweler’s Loupe). Look at the Quality. Learn about the 4C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.

Plus the most important issue of them all:


I Would Highly Recommend GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Certified Diamonds, they are the Best and most Accurate Independent Appraisal you can get on Loose Diamonds in the WORLD. (Laser Inscribed is also Ideal!)

See some Awesome GIA Certified Diamonds Here at James Allen!

That way you’ll both be Happy with the Engagement Ring, and you’ll both be ready for the Big Day and the Big “I Do!

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