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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy

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Do you have a ring you need sized up? Stretched?

Did you know that you can use the same tools that jewelers use…


At home, at your convivence, and leisure. Yes you can!

It’s true. For Amazon sells a ring sizer, that boasts to size rings from sizes 2 to 14.

See here…

Size your rings at home with this ring sizer!

It sounds like a true winner… I mean, sizes 2-14 is incredible.

But is it true?

MAYBE! You see, it’s not saying you can size a ring that’s a size 2 all the way up to a size 14… NO WAY! You can’t.

But it is saying if you have a size 2 ring, and want to increase it to a 2.5, 3, or even a 4, you should be able to.

Most rings can be sized a couple of sizes up, with very little harm to the ring

But you have to be very careful.

For if not, you can crack your shank, warp the metal, break the stones, and ruin your ring forever.

Ring sizers like this one shown require slow and steady pressure to expand a ring. And you have to go slow and steady and rotate your ring gradually around and around so it doesn’t damage the roundness of the ring. For if you just stretched it up in one spot quickly, it would probably come out looking like an octagon.

To size a ring properly:

  • Make sure the ring is room temperature, or warm to the hands (jewelers actually warm the ring up first)
  • Slide the ring on level until it stops (don’t force it, but do make sure it’s level)
  • Twist the handle very very slowly to expand the shaft a tad (Jewelers use a device like this that’s bolted to the bench and has a handle)
  • Ease off pressure, rotate the ring a little, and repeat stretching
  • Keep doing this until the ring is the proper size (ring sizes are shown on the size of the stretcher)

But before you begin…

Do note that this is mainly used for simple rings, or rings that are plain gold, or plain silver (see rings in photo). Don’t use it on titanium, tungsten, or platinum. If your ring has a row of channel set diamonds… DON’T STRETCH IT! They will all break and shatter. Likewise, if your ring has a design or filigree, or engraving or complicated pave, I wouldn’t attempt it either. It can very quickly do unrepairable damage to your ring. Rings that are delicate, with tons of stones, gemstones, fancy work… Should be sized by a professional jeweler at a jewelry store.

This tool is made for very simple plain bands that only need to go up a size or two at the most. If you need to stretch your ring 3 sizes or more, I WOULD NOT ATTEMPT IT! Take it to a jeweler.

Remember; slow and steady expanding, and keep rotating the ring so it doesn’t deform the inside. And always… Read ALL of the instructions that come with the sizer first. All of them! And if you feel in the slight bit unsure, don’t do it.

But if you think you can handle the pressure, and want to be able to size or stretch your rings…

Then pick up this ring sizer at Amazon today!

It’s the easiest way to expand your rings at home.

Cheers! :)

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