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Diamond Sparkle And Beauty Matter The Most

Customers always want to know what they should look for when they’re buying an Engagement Ring.

They often ask what’s the first thing they should look at?

Well it’s pretty obvious to me:

Sparkle and Beauty!

Nothing else matters besides Sparkle and Beauty.

If the Diamond doesn’t Sparkle, and if it doesn’t look Beautiful, then it’s not worth buying!

Because that’s the whole pizzazz of a Diamond, the Sparkle, the Beauty, the Brilliance, the Shine, the Fire… without it, Diamond is just another rock from the Earth.

So above and beyond anything else, look at how a Diamond Sparkles.

Does it Sparkle?

If it Sparkles, that means that it’s Cut well, and if it’s Cut well, then pretty much everything else is secondary.

Because Clarity is just small Flaws, sometimes big enough to see, sometimes microscopic, but it still doesn’t affect the true beauty of a Diamond much.

The size, or Carat Weight of the Diamond doesn’t really matter either, it could be a little, itty bitty thing or a gigantic rock, all that really matters is how it looks on your hand and is beautiful? In other words: Do you like it?

Likewise with Color. I like Pure White Diamonds myself, but a lot of people like Diamonds that have Color in them. In fact, right now Fancy Colored Stones like Blue Diamonds and Yellow Diamonds and Green Diamonds are becoming all the rage and extremely popular.

And if a Diamond has a lot of Brilliance, Sparkle and Beauty then the Color of the stone is masked anyway and doesn’t matter much.

So that’s the first thing that I would suggest anyone to look at with Diamonds…

See if it Sparkles…

It needs to Sparkle like a million stars in the sky. Because that life is the true Meaning and the true Beauty of a Diamond. That’s why we’re drawn to Diamonds. That’s why we love them so much. That’s why we want big Diamonds and spend lots of money on them.

And, the Diamonds that Sparkle the most are the Excellent Cut stones. These are the stones that have not only an Excellent Cut, but an Excellent Polish and Symmetry as well. Sometimes these Diamonds (with Triple Excellent Grades), go by such names as True Hearts (as seen here on James Allen) or Premier Diamonds.

These are the Diamonds to buy!

Sparkle is everything!

Trust your eyes. Compare stones side-by-side. Look for the Sparkle and Beauty.

That’s what truly matters in the end.

For that’s what she’ll see for the rest of her life! :)

Diamond Sparkle and Beauty Matter the MOST!

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