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Do You Need To Spend 2 Months Salary For An Engagement Ring?

Do You Need To Spend 2 Months Salary For An Engagement Ring?

Now this is always a very good question.

And most people would reply:

“Are You Crazy?”

Who says 2 months salary is the official guideline anyway?

I mean you hear everyone say “Spend 2 months Salary for an Engagement Ring!

But WHY is the question people want to know!

2 Whole Months? Really?

Why should you spend 2 months salary?

First off, 2 months is just a blink of an eye in the course of a lifetime. When you break it down day by day, it’s really nothing. You may be hesitant about spending $6000 for a Diamond Engagement Ring, but it’s not much when you put it all into perspective.

I’ll bring up a purchase that most will make to show my point.

How Much for a Car?

You spend $30,000 for a brand new car, that in 10 years will be worth nothing. It’ll be old, dented, it won’t run well, and it won’t get the gas mileage it once had. It’ll probably cost more to keep it going than what it’s worth.

Eventually, you’ll just spend another $30,000 to get a new one. Sound familiar? It hurts doesn’t it? I’ve been there, done that!

$6,000 isn’t so bad then…

So $6000 doesn’t sound like much compared to that. Divide $6000 up over the course of your life and it’s just pennies a day. The great part about this is, the Diamond ring that you just spend 2 months salary for, will literally last you a lifetime.

You couldn’t spend that money on anything else in the World and have it last as long. Think about it. Everything wears down, erodes, get’s old. We do! Clothes do. Homes do. It’s a fact of life.

But Diamonds don’t!

They look Brand New Forever!

All you’ll have to do is retip a couple prongs, polish up that gold and that ring will look as new as the day you bought it! On your 50th Wedding Anniversary, she’ll still be looking at that ring with sparkles in her eyes.

Need more reasons to spend that money?

Wouldn’t you love to spend $30,000 for a car that would stay brand new forever?

People never really think about this.

You’re constantly buying and replacing things.

Your shoes, your coat, your appliances. All your life it’s a matter of out with the old, in with the new.

But not with Diamonds!

This is why Diamonds are so expensive.

When they say “Diamonds are Forever“, they mean it.

Diamonds ARE Forever!

These Diamonds were created over a million years ago, what’s another 80 years on the finger of your beautiful wife? She’s going to put that ring on her finger and wear it every single day! So it’s a good thing that you can’t dent a diamond. You can’t really scratch it. (You can only scratch a Diamond with another Diamond!) It’s not going to lose it’s sparkle. It won’t turn colors. It won’t fade or dull up… when you look at the big picture, it really is a great investment!

Seeing it all in perspective like this really opens your eyes doesn’t it? It’s not much money considering what you get for it. And if you’re going to make that leap, I say do it right!

Don’t skimp!

This is Something you don’t ever want to Regret!

You don’t ever want to say to yourself, “Gee, I wish I would have spent that extra Grand and bought her the next carat size up!”

You’ve only got one chance to really “WOW” her! Make the day you propose to her the best day of her life.

Keep in mind, she may be happy with what ever diamond you get her. She could be happy with you spending as little as one month’s salary. But is this what she really wants? The only true way to know, is to watch her body language.

Body Language Doesn’t Lie!

Show her a Half Carat Diamond and look at her reaction.

Then show her a One Carat Diamond and you’ll see a totally different person.

Her Face will Light up in a Big Huge Smile!

It’s just something women can’t fake. Don’t listen to what she says, listen to what her body says. Just seeing the lights from that beautiful Diamond dance across her eyes is worth every penny, even if it is 2 months salary!

So is spending 2 months salary worth it now?

You bet it is!

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