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Stackable Silicone Rings Hammered Pyramid Braided Slanted


Yes, it’s NEW!

As featured on Shark Tank, these silicone rings by Enso are fun, colorful (just about any color you can imagine), and stackable.

Stackable rings are all the rage, the hottest trend right now. They are comfortable, flexible, durable bands and are ideal for the fit lifestyle.

Mix and match as many rings as you want to create great color combinations.

The Possibilities are Endless!

Made with high quality silicone and featuring an Anti Ring Avulsion Technology, you’ll love the rings, and everyone will want one (or two, three, four…)

Anti Ring Avulsion Technology:

Anti ring-avulsion technology will protect your finger from damage or even amputation caused by a standard metal ring that’s prone to snag or catch. Silicone rings bend and flex and keep your finger safe.

They’re not only safe, but practical too, and you can wear them anywhere and everywhere, in a suit, in the gym.

Take a peek at these stackable silicone rings below:

Stackable Silicone Rings By Enso

Stackable Silicone Rings Hammered Pyramid Braided Slanted

And They Keep Adding More Styles…

Not only do they have the Slanted Brick, the Pyramid, the Hammered and the Braided, but they’ve also added the Treaded and Studded, too (which are way cool). As the Enso line continues to grow, you’ll see more and more styles everywhere.

Get Them All HERE:

Grab a Ring, Stack them up!

They’re fun, unique, and a great gift idea.

The silicone is premium, hypoallergenic, medical grade, and guaranteed for a lifetime! Sweet!

You can’t go wrong with Shark Tank!

Enso Stackable Silicone Rings On Shark Tank

Watch their Ad here, it’s Great…

Get your Enso Silicone Rings NOW!

Cheers! :)

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