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heart shaped diamond steal of a deal

Want to Steal it?

You can… Because this Diamond is a Steal of a Deal!

For the Carat Weight and Quality

It’s Astounding!

It’s a Heart Shaped Diamond, OVER 1 Carat, (1.01 Carat to be exact), with a Clarity in SI1… Meaning no Eye-Visible Inclusions. They’re all Microscopic (You’ll need to use a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe or a Microscope to see any of the Tiny Inclusions inside).

The Color of this Diamond is Absolutely the Best Diamond Color IN THE WORLD!

Really! It’s a D.

There is nothing better than that. Nothing! D is Pure White, the Whitest Diamond Color on Earth. It’s so White and Bright, it’ll look like there’s a Spotlight on it.

It’s Beautiful!

The Cut is Superb. With an Excellent Grade in both Polish and Symmetry, it’ll Bling and Sparkle with Brilliance and Fire… Like a Million Stars in the Sky.

And Best of all, it’s GIA Certified! The Cream of the Crop in this Industry.


The Price is LOW LOW LOW.

That’s why I call it a Steal.

For a 1 Carat Diamond, it’s only $3,760.

That’s $3,760!

For a One Carat!

Take a look at this Stunning Diamond Below

incredible buy on loose heart shaped diamond

Heart Shapes are Romantic!

It’s the Most Romantic Cut of Diamond there is…

And with Valentine’s Day coming… It’s a Good Time to grab this Stone (it won’t last long), put it in a Solitaire Mounting (or better yet, a Pave Mounting), and Present her a Ring she’ll really say “I DO” too.

Take a Peek at this Wonderful and Inexpensive Diamond HERE!

Cheers! :)


  1. Hello Richard! – I just went to check out this beauty a few minutes ago, and discovered that apparently somebody else, who has a couple of free nickles to rub together, is crazy about bargains, heart shaped diamonds, and some very lucky other person, bought it, (at least as of January 21st) and is going to give a heart shaped diamond in a mounting of some kind, likely an engagement ring, on Valentine’s Day as part of an awesome proposal!

    But it’s POSSIBLE that it could be for a birthday or a wedding anniversary gift, and/or have it put in a pendant, OR an earring to match up with ANOTHER 1 carat heart shaped diamond to make a pair, or it could even be a single stud earring!! Wouldn’t that be FABULOUS?

    But, MY vote goes for the heart shaped diamond solitaire engagement ring to connect the whole event with the Valentine’s Day theme. ♥♥♥à

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