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Why Does Your Watch Band Stink?

Do me a Favor. Take your Watch off and Sniff the Band.

Then ask yourself a Short, Quick, but Obvious Question, “Why don’t I Clean my Watch?

It Stinks!

People bring their Watches in everyday for Watch Band Adjustments.

Some need Links Added, some Shortened, but all of them have one thing in Common:

They are Dirty and Stinky!

Just look at it! Have you ever Cleaned it?

I don’t understand why this one Piece of Jewelry always gets Neglected. Stretch the Band out and look in between the Links… You see all that Black Gook fused in the Gaps and Hinges and Pins? It’s Gross and it Stinks!

You know that Black Sludge caked in the Crevices of your Band is like 5 years old. And who knows what it’s made of? I don’t want to know!

Why have you Never Cleaned it?

Once a Week you should take a Damp Cloth and Wipe it off. Just try not to get the Face of the Watch Wet! You don’t want any Moisture getting inside the Movement, because then it would Rust and Ruin it. But you should be able to Wipe the Dirt and Debris from around the Band.

The Worst Bands?

Spandex Style Watch Bands are the WORST for collecting Slime! They have so many Moving Pieces and Parts that pull apart, lots of Hiding Spots for Crud. Bands like that will literally leave a Black Stain around your Wrist. It’s just like a Disgusting Tattoo. I’ve had some customers ask if it was because they were Allergic to the Watch… I really wanted to say, “No, it’s because you never Cleaned it!” Just think of what your Clothes would Smell like if you never cleaned them!

Leather Bands are Magnets for Smells too. Sweats and Oils from your Wrist Soak into the Leather and carry lots of Nice Little Stinks. Keep them wiped down once a Week and it’ll take the Smell away and also Preserve the Life of your Watch Band.

Just because you Wear a Cow, doesn’t mean you have to Smell like one!


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