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Jewelry Display Case with Merchandise Stolen

True story:

We had this large display jewelry case that sat on the counter.

This case was one of those plastic types that spun around on a pedestal. It had 4 sides to it and held about 200 gold charms.

That case was full with just about every type of charm you could imagine: Dolphins, hearts, best friends, crosses, italian horns… You name it. We had it.

In fact, we had 172 charms in all (I know because we did a piece count every single night to keep theft down).

But this one particular day, the store was quiet. Hardly a customer in sight. We had the occasional watch battery, ring sizing and birthday shopper, but nothing really big or exciting until…

I come back from lunch and I’m standing in the showroom chatting with the manager.

Suddenly he stops, looks over at the counter and says:

“What happened to the charm case?”

I look over and sure enough, the charm display case was gone.

Missing! Vanished!

“What the…”

We look around… It really was gone.

“What happened while I was out to lunch?” I say.

He shrugs. “I was on the phone with a vendor, no one came in…

We go to the video surveillance tapes.

(8 cameras positioned around the store recorded everything – the doors, the cash register, the shop…)

We rewind it and watch.


Some guy (blurry of course) came in while the boss was on the phone. He walked directly over to the charm case, lifted it up and walked right out the store with it.



He picked it up, struggled with it a little because the thing must have weighed 50 lbs, walked to the door and right out of the store.

And here’s the funny part…

He didn’t drive.

He just proceeded to carry the case across the parking lot and down the street. We could see most of this in the surveillance tapes that faced the street.

That’s crazy.

(Trying not to be too obvious!)

We called the police, but they never found the guy. The fuzzy video didn’t help either.

(We should have sent it to America’s funniest videos.)

We got another charm case the following week and bolted that down. Sad that you have to nail down everything…

So here’s my message to you…

If you see a guy running down the street carrying a 50lb display case

Ask him if you can “Buy a charm?”

He’s got lots of them…

Maybe he’ll come back to the store to get some receipts, boxes, gift wrap, bags…

…And, Oh yeah…

The keys to the case!

Cheers! :)

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