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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Sugar Skull Jewelry



With Halloween quickly Approaching, everybody’s getting in the Spirit!

Jack-O-Lanterns, Witches, Goblins, and Skeletons are always a Good Fright.

But one thing that’s Surprised me more than anything this year… The Ample Amount of Sugar Skull Costumes, Props and Jewelry Hitting the Shelves.

It’s Everywhere!

If you don’t know what “Sugar Skull” is (Also called Calavera meaning “Skull” in Spanish), then listen up:

Sugar Skull is Traditional Mexican Folk Art used to Celebrate the Day of the Dead (El Dia De Los Muertos), which is November 1st and 2nd (Other Cultures call this “All Souls Day” and “All Saints Day“).

Believed that the Gates of Heaven open, beginning at Midnight on Halloween, the Spirits of the Deceased Children are Allowed to Reunite with their Families for 24 Hours.


You Bet!

Homes are Decorated with Candles, Flowers, Stacks of Tortillas (Yum), Hot Cocoa, and Bread.

Everything a Hungry Spirits Wants!

Folk Art Skeletons and Sugar Skulls (Often made with Sugar Cane) Adorn the Houses and Faces to Create Protection, Good Luck, and Wisdom.

And we could all use some of that. :)

Isn’t it time for you own Sugar Skull?

Amazon sells tons of Sugar Skull Items Here!

But the Items I LOVE the Best, is Jewelry, of Course. Creepy, Cool, and very Artistic, these Highly Detailed Colorful Macabre Faces are just the Ticket to a Great Haunting, and a Happy Halloween.

See some Beautiful Pieces of Sugar Skull below…

Creepy Cool Sugar Skull Jewelry

Buy your Sugar Skull Jewelry Here, and from Spirit Halloween Here, or from Etsy HERE! (These Sugar Skull Cufflinks are COOL!)

So whether you Honor the Dead, or just Love the Designs, there’s enough Sugar for All to Enjoy.

Cheers! :)

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