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If you’re like me, you were up on the 14th of November (2016) to witness the SUPER MOON!

Actually, it was an “Extra Super Moon“, meaning it was Bigger and Brighter than any moon in the past 68 years

But still, it didn’t look much bigger than normal, although I will say…

It definitely looked BRIGHTER!

Especially since I was in Maui at the time, and because there is less Light Pollution there, it really did look Spectacular. Light a Flashlight in the Night Sky…

Take a peek…

super moon over maui

But you know what…

This Super Moon is a Very Good Lesson in Diamonds too!

For it PROVES a couple of strong points about the Characteristics of Diamonds, and it makes it all come on like a Light Bulb. Really!

So here we go…

First off, the SIZE…

This Super Moon was 30% BIGGER… Which sounds a lot, but with no Comparison in the Sky, it looked pretty much like the same size as every other moon. Right? That’s what everybody says, and I tend to agree.

Diamonds are the same way!

If you have a 1.00 Carat Diamond, and a 1.30 Diamond, the Bigger Diamond will look a tad bit bigger. It should. But, if you had a One Carat Diamond in your Engagement Ring, and Swapped it out for the Larger Stone, chances are NO ONE WOULD NOTICE, unless you pointed it out to them.

Granted, some people might question it, because it looked somewhat different, but size in Diamonds is really hard to distinguish with the bare eye. You’ll need a much bigger size in order to observe it.

This is why Upgrading is Difficult!

Some people only want to go up a couple of points, but going up 10-20 points is pretty useless, you’ll be spending money on something that’s not visible, nor noticeable.

So why bother?

You’re better off to go up at least 50% more (like 1.50 Carats) in order to WOW people.

Sad, but true!

And then we have the Brightness

No denying, EVERYONE said the moon looked Brighter. And it did. Insanely BRIGHT… (Which is Amazing, since it was only 14% Brighter!)

But it is something that you can see

And just like Diamonds, if your Diamond is Brighter, people will KNOW!

And luckily, there are a couple of ways to make your Diamond Brighter

1) CUT

The Cut of a Diamond directly impacts the Brilliance and Brightness of the Stone. The Better the Cut, the more that Puppy will Shine!

So purchasing a Diamond with an Excellent Cut, which is the BEST there is, will make a huge difference visually.

And, if you really want it to be “SUPER“, or in this circumstance “EXTRA SUPER“, then get yourself an “EXTRA SUPER CUT“!

Extra Super would be “Excellent Grades” in all three areas:

Cut, Polish, & Symmetry!

Those 3 Grades are the Cream of the Crop. They give your Diamond those lovely Hearts and Arrows (Also called True Hearts) that are Beautiful and will make your Diamond Dance like a Million Stars in the Sky.

It truly is SUPERB!

(GIA Certificates list all these Grades right on the Diamond Report).

And to give you an Example of a Super Diamond

Take a look at this…

super moon super diamond

2) Keep your Diamond CLEAN!

The Cleaner your Diamond is, the more it will Sparkle. When your Diamond gets dirty, full of Lotions, Hair Sprays, Soaps, Cat Food, it will NOT be Brilliant!

Clean it!

Buy yourself an Ultrasonic Cleaner or Steam Cleaner, and it will Sparkle like the day you bought it!

A few more pointers…

While I’m at it, I’ll also bring up the other 2 C’s that we haven’t touched on…

Color and Clarity!

As you can see, from the Super Moon, because it was so BRIGHT, it also looked much WHITER!

The same goes with Diamonds. The Whiter the Stone, the Brighter it will appear.

There are 2 ways to accomplish this…

  1. Buy a Pure White Diamond.
  2. Buy Triple Excellent Diamonds

Pure White Diamonds, which are D-E-F Colors, are AWESOME! They are Pure White, Very Bright and will absolutely stand out!

Compare a Pure White Diamond, to an Off-White Diamond (Like a Near Colorless; G-H-I-J) and you WILL see a difference.

It’s Breathtaking!

And if you get a better Cut, like the Triple Excellent Cuts, then it not only will make the Diamond Sparkle more, but it will also make it look Whiter and BIGGER too!

Cut is Outstanding for what it does to a Diamond!



The Moon is Full of Craters, Mountains, Debris, Flags, and of course, the Man in the Moon… But that doesn’t keep it from looking Beautiful!

Diamonds too!

Sometimes a little Inclusion, a Small Line, a Cloud, a Pin-Point can give your Diamond Character and Personality… Not to mention that it also makes it SUPER easy to Identify! Which is a Wonderful Trait (and can keep you from getting Ripped OFF!)


So don’t be so concerned with Clarity. I usually advise sticking with SI Clarity Diamonds or Higher (that way you won’t have those HUGE Black Spots in the Stone!).

To see some SUPER DIAMONDS, like the ones described above, check out James Allen HERE!

Their Diamonds are Priced LOW (very little overhead), they show you the Actual Diamond that you’re Buying, and all their Diamonds are CERTIFIED! (GIA is the one to buy).

So grab yourself a SUPER DIAMOND, because that’s one rock that will SHINE Forever!

P.S. The next Super Moon (Not “Extra Super”, but still “SUPER”), will be on December 14th, 2016

Mark your Calendars!

And… Buy yourself a Diamond!

Cheers! :)

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