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Swiss Army SwissCard Review

Looking for a great gift for a guy? This gizmo wins the prize, because…

Men love cool gadgets!

And Swiss Army certainly aims to please.

The Victorinox Swiss Army SwissCard (pictured to the right) is mine and I love it (I paid $38 for mine). It’s made in their Victorinox line which does their travel gear and apparel products (and here I always thought the brand name was just Swiss Army???)

Is it as thin as a credit card?

This SwissCard is the exact size of a credit card… Almost!

I think they want you to believe that you can toss it in your wallet, but that’s not the case. The SwissCard is not as thin as a credit card. It’s actually the thickness of 5 credit cards put together. It would make your wallet a little clunky, thick and heavy.

And even though this SwissCard does feel strong, solid and durable enough, I would think that if you had it in your wallet and sat on it, it could cause the outer plastic casing to crack. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a nail file in my butt (I’m not testing this – No way!)

Now I will say that Swiss Army does not promote or advertise the fact that this SwissCard is made for the wallet, but… Why else would they make it the size of a credit card?

Am I missing the point here?

Keep it in your jacket pocket or shirt pocket instead, and you’ll be fine.

Now let’s take a look at the fun gadgets.

The SwissCard actually has a lot of great useful features. I’m always impressed that Swiss Army can fit so many tools into one confined space. All the time I’m telling people “Oh, I have one of those!” and pulling out my SwissCard and low and behold there it is, my screwdriver or scissors (people love that). It’s actually quite funny.

But what are the tools you ask? Lets see…

The SwissCard contains ten different items that will help you on a daily basis. They are:

1) Knife (or Blade)

They call it a letter opener, but come on… A letter opener? It’s Swiss Army – It’s a knife. It’s the #1 tool on any Swiss Army product. And trust me, it does cut like a knife…

2) Scissors

I can’t tell you how many times scissors have come in handy. I use them all the freaking time. Cutting tags, cutting coupons, trimming my mustache. The scissors are slick and sharp (Don’t run with them).

3) Straight Pin

You may not use this often, but if you ever get a splinter in your finger and need to dig it out, this tool is ideal. It only takes a couple of seconds and POP, no more splinter. Or you could always use it on a voodoo doll. Just saying.

4) Nail File

It always bugs me when I rip a nail and have that scratchy edge sticking out. The Swisscard nail file is strong, durable and makes for a quick remedy to a jagged nail. It’s painless and smart (beats chewing them).

5) Screwdriver

(Not the drink) Located at the end of the nail file is a flat edge that can be used as a screwdriver (I almost didn’t see it). The screwdriver is small enough to work on most screws and can easily get you out of a pinch – say you need to unscrew your remote car fob because the battery died. This tool is a life saver (now if it would only do lug-nuts).

6) Tweezers

Who uses tweezers? I can see if you want to pull out the splinter, rip off a hangnail, or pull out a nose hair, but seriously… I can’t imagine what else they’d be good for? They aren’t very strong. This is my least used tool (or is it?)

7) Toothpick

Every time I eat popcorn I get a kernel stuck in my teeth. This dandy little plastic pick has definitely come in handy. And if you want to gross people out, pick your teeth, and then lick the junk off the end of it. Works like a charm!

8) Ball Point Pen

You know you always need a pen and don’t have one. Well, now you do. A pen can be great for jotting down things like “Buy diamonds for your anniversary!” Now if it would also come with scratch paper, that would be swell.

9) Inch Ruler

This is funny… If you’re ever dying to measure something under 3″, then you’re in luck (no joke here)… That’s what this ruler goes up to: 3″. It would drive me nuts trying to measure something as big as a bread-box… But, if you want to measure the distance between your eyes, this ruler’s for you.

10) CM Ruler (Centimeters & Millimeters)

At least this small ruler makes sense – you’re measuring small items… Want to know the mm of a gemstone? Pull out your SwissCard and there you go! 6 x 4mm, just what you always wanted.

The only sad thing about these rulers is that they’re very hard to read. The lines and numbers blend in with the card and you have to get it at just the right angle to see it. It makes my eyes feel very old. The ruler works, but not easily.

Model #53927

The translucent SwissCards (like the ruby red one I have – Model #53927) also come with a special treat… a protractor. What a great bonus (even if the numbers only go up to 50, who cares? It’s a protractor). Protractors are fun. Start protracting today. Didn’t you always want to tell people you had a pocket protector? Ha! Don’t lie, you know you did.

So there you go, 11 great items.

Most of these tools can be used every single day which makes the SwissCard one very useful gift. I would be lost without mine.

The best feature about this entire card…

The items are removable and come apart.

If you own a Swiss Army pocket knife (mine was always on my key ring until the security at the airport took it away) you’ll instantly know what I’m talking about.

How many times have you tried to cut something only to have your keys dangling around and getting in your way? It’s frustrating.

It was always very hard to hold, hard to use, heavy, and it drove me crazy. The SwissCard knife (as well as the other items) pulls freely from the card. Totally separate. You can pull all the accessories out and use them one at a time. It’s very awesome!!! I can’t tell you enough how this one feature makes the whole product perfect.

Different colors:

They have a couple of different colors of SwissCards as well.

Like the blue translucent (self explanatory), SwissCard translucent onyxall very cool.

And last, but not least, the SwissCard Lite (Model #53321). The Lite gives you a magnifying glass and a… (ready for this?)… a light.

YES! An LED light that is great for finding keys and locks in the dark, not to mention driving your cat crazy.

Do note that model numbers may vary.

Check out all the features…

Some features replace others in these SwissCards, so I would suggest you to check them out to see which card is best for you. The Swiss Cards even come with a one year warranty. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. You can’t beat that.

Swiss Army, Victorinox and the SwissCard… I never leave home without it. Which is why I highly recommend them.

Go out and buy one…

Swiss Army Red Victorinox SwissCard

Get the Victorinox Swiss Army SwissCard today.

Cheers! :)

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