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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The 4Cs In Order Of Importance

Order, Order in the 4C’s?

Did you know that the 4C’s have an Order of Importance?

Some Customers think that the #1 Priority is Carat Weight or Clarity (After all, who wants to see Flaws in their Diamond?)

And even when you look at a GIA Diamond Report you may think that.

Take a Peek at how GIA lists the 4C’s on a Certificate…

GIA Full Diamond Report

So it’s Easy to Understand what you’d think is most Important.

And Jewelers tend to Push Carat Weight and Clarity more than anything (it’s the Easiest Topic to Grasp).

But they’re still NOT the Most Important C

In Fact, they’re #3 and 4.

The Most Important C is CUT!

That’s what you need to learn the most. Concentrate on Cut, because Cut is what Determines the Beauty and Sparkle of a Diamond.

Cut brings a Diamond to Life and makes it Dance in your Eyes.

Cut is Proportions, Angles, Percentages, Depth, Width, Girdle Thickness, Crown Height

Cut is Everything!

Want me to Prove it?

Let’s go back and look at a GIA Diamond Report (There are many Different Versions), and you’ll notice that CUT takes up more Room on a Diamond Report than any other Characteristic…

Cut Grades On A Diamond Report

Eye Opener isn’t it?

And the Best CUT Grade to get, is of course, the Excellent Cut. But if you truly want the BEST OF THE BEST, then you’ll also need to get an Excellent Cut Grade in Polish AND Symmetry! Those 3 Grades of Excellent make a Triple Excellent Diamond (also called Super Cuts, True Hearts, Hearts and Arrows, Hearts on Fire, Signature Ideal…)

See a Triple Excellent Rated Diamond Below…

Triple Excellent Diamond Cut On A Certificate

That’s the Best Cut you can Buy, and it will then make the Clarity look Better (for it will Mask Inclusions), it will make the Color look Better (it’ll look Brighter and Whiter), and it’ll make the Carat Weight Appear Bigger (all that Blinding Sparkle and Beauty).

It’s all about the Cut

And if you’re Buying AGS (The Second Best Diamond Report you can Purchase), then look for a Cut Grade of “AGS Ideal 0“, as shown below…

Cut Grade Ideal 0 On A AGS Diamond Report

So what is the Actual Order of the 4C’s in Importance?

  1. CUT
  2. COLOR

Color is #2 because you can see a Visual Difference between an Off-White (G-H-I-J) Diamond and a Pure White (D-E-F) Diamond.

I always Recommend Pure White Diamonds.

Pure White Stones tend to really stand out and “POP” in the Mounting! They look Stunning

Pure White Diamond Grades

And Then Comes Clarity…

Diamond Clarity Grading Chart

Clarity is the 3rd C, and for a Very Good Reason

Almost Every Clarity of Diamond will “Face Up” the Same (With the Naked Eye – Not using a Loupe).

Any Clarity SI1 or Higher are all Identical in Appearance unless you View them Under 10X Magnification (10x Microscope or a Jeweler’s Loupe).

The only Clarity that Visibly looks Different is the I Clarity Diamonds, because these are the Stones that you’ll see Cracks, Chips, Clouds, Lines, and Carbon Spots. As so…

I Clarity Diamond Grades

But SI1 or Higher, NOPE, you’ll see none of those. They’ll look Clean and Not Stop Light or Sparkle. They’ll Shine like a Disco Ball!

Carat Weight

Carat Weight is Last on the Importance List because Size really is a Mute Point. It doesn’t matter what Carat Weight you Buy (Although 1.00 Carats are the Dream Carat Weight). Just Buy whatever Carat Weight you can Afford

And Strive for SI1 (or Higher), Pure White, and Triple Excellent Cuts and that Diamond will Sparkle like a Million Stars in the Sky.

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Cheers! :)

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