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Hide Yellow Diamond Color With This Mounting

Let’s look at the facts:

Most diamonds are not white in color.

In fact, most diamonds have not only some off-color to them, but a faint yellow color as well.

So if you have a diamond that is yellow, or light yellow, (I,J,K,L,M and beyond) or, even have a diamond that’s brown or champagne in color, what is the best type of ring or mounting to put them in to hide that not-so-desirable diamond color?

It’s permanent!

Right off the bat, know that your diamond color is here to stay.

Color in a diamond cannot be changed, dyed, washed, or burned out.

That color in your diamond has been there for a billion years and will never come out or fade.


The Good news is, there are certainly lots of beautiful mountings out there that will cover up a diamond’s color. Settings that can help mask the color, so it’s not so apparent anymore.

It makes color a non-issue.

So what types of mountings are these?

Yellow gold mountings:

Putting a yellow diamond in a yellow mounting will make the color of the diamond blend in with the mounting and hide it better.

You won’t notice the yellow since everything will be yellow.

When everything is yellow, it won’t look so obvious. Where as, setting a diamond in a white gold mounting will create a stark contrast and really make the color of the yellow stand out. It will look like a eye-sore. It will scream “I’m yellow!” Not cool. You don’t want to bring attention to yellow diamonds, for often, they tend to look dirty and stained.

Plus, not only will the actual color of the mounting help the color of your diamond, but other factors can help as well. Things like…


Findings are what jewelers call fun things like heads, prongs, baskets & bezels. Pieces and parts that are used to put a ring together. The truth of the matter is, most findings for rings are sold in white gold.

Just look at any engagement ring out there, and chances are, you’ll see the center diamond is set in a white gold head with white gold prongs.

99% of all diamonds are set in a white gold head, basket or prongs. So even if the mounting is yellow gold, the prongs will still be white. Which means, the color of your diamond will still look yellow, because it’s in a white gold head.

Why set diamonds in white gold?

Because white gold is more durable than yellow gold for holding in diamonds and gemstones. The funny thing about white gold heads is that they are also used to not add more color to the diamonds.

If you have a white diamond, a white gold head works perfectly. It won’t add color to the stone. But if your diamond is already yellow, then it actually does the reverse. It makes it stand out and contrast. It makes it look really yellow.

So what can you do?

Set your diamond in a yellow gold head instead.

That’s something that you can request the jeweler to do. And if you want to really mask it’s color, take it one step further…

Have your diamond set low in the mounting.

Diamonds set down into a yellow gold bezel, (full or partial bezel, doesn’t matter – See picture for a partial bezel mounting) will hide your diamond’s color like nothing else will.

So even though yellow diamonds may be an iffy color choice, it doesn’t mean they need to look horrible in the mounting.

Plus, they save you tons of money.

It just depends on how much color you have in your diamond, and what you feel comfortable with.

Some people don’t mind a diamond that looks yellow. But most people prefer a whiter looking stone.

The right mounting, with the right metal, may make all the difference.

Granted, you may have to test out a few different mountings, rings & metals, but I’m sure with a little effort, you’ll find the perfect mounting for you…

And your diamond.

Yellow or not.

Cheers! :)

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