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Many people don’t realize this, but the time of day that you decide to buy a diamond, really can affect your whole diamond buying experience.

Time of day matters.

Choosing the right time of day can get you a better deal and a better looking diamond.

Here’s why:

Human nature.


To buy a diamond you have to deal with people. So when you come into the jewelry store can determine how salespeople wait on you, how long they wait on you, and if you’re getting the best overall service or price.

To get the best from your salesperson, let’s look at how the time of day affects things…

I’ll use 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. as the hours of operation as an example, but you can adjust these hours depending on the store you shop at.

Let’s begin…

First hour of operation

The first hour any store is open, is not the best time for anyone to shop for a diamond. There are a ton of reasons why; most stores are not finished setting things up when they open. They’re still decorating the windows and displays. Some are vacuuming or cleaning glass.

Others are drinking coffee, chatting and just trying to wake up. Some salespeople are turning computers on, setting up the office and putting in new rolls of tape. There are so many little things that jewelry stores (or any business) have to do to be open for customers. Now I know these things should be done before they open, but let’s face it, most are not.

Small things can create huge distractions

Phones are ringing. People are straightening shelves, eating donuts, talking about last night… It’s common for salespeople to take a little time to get into their groove of things. Every business is like this.

Plus, even if they wanted to show you diamonds this early, chances are, the jewelry cleaners and steam cleaners are probably not warmed up yet. Sometimes it takes hours for these things to heat up and get ready. Ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners are needed to steam off diamonds so you can scope them and see the inclusions under 10x magnification. It’s a necessary step. If the diamonds don’t get perfectly clean, you aren’t really seeing what’s inside of them. Diamonds must be clean.

So you see, morning is a crazy chaotic time to diamond shop. It’s detrimental to the diamond buying experience.

The next time of day that’s bad is…


Lunchtime, from 12-1 is not a great time to shop. Lunch shifts are always hectic and short handed. Employees usually have to double up on their duties: Selling diamonds and answering phones, payments, repairs, they don’t make good combos. “Pardon me, while I take this payment…” Who wants to wait for them to write up a dumb chain repair? Not me!

After lunch

The couple of hours after lunch is not bad. People are fed, they are happy… But bear in mind, around 3 0’clock, most people get into that sleepy mode, the crash. The downtime of the day where all their brain cells aren’t popping (time for an energy drink). This lull is when people get sluggish and slow. I don’t know if it’s because they just ate, or if it’s just the natural cycle of the day, but it’s not grand. Salespeople are slacking. They’re lethargic. It’s best to wait until their second wind kicks in.

Which brings us to…

Last hour of the day

Some people believe that you can run in at the last minute and jewelry stores will just throw deals at them


This is the time of day that salespeople are thinking about going home. They’re putting things away, cleaning up, counting diamonds, end of day duties. And even though every salesperson wants a good sale, or what I like to say “a good pop” before the day is over, truth is, the clock is ticking… They only have 20 minutes before close… What people end up with is short, rushed sales presentations. Customers won’t get the best experience or the best price. Employees just want you out…

It all boils down to common sense and timing

To get the most out of the diamond buying experience, you’ll need to buy when the salespeople are alert, awake and in their zone.

In my opinion, this time, the best time, is between the hours of 10-11 in the morning, or 4-7 in the late afternoon.

These are the times when you can come into a jewelry store and have a really good, long conversation about diamonds with the salespeople. You’ll get an in depth look at diamond certificates, laser inscriptions, cut, color, clarity and carat weight. You’ll be able to take your time. Microscope the diamonds. Focus on the quality and not the ticking clock.

These perfect times of the day allows you to really inspect the stones and compare them. Customers won’t feel rushed or distracted. They’ll get the full diamond buying course. They’ll feel comfortable, quiet, relaxed (not talking over a noisy vacuum).

This atmosphere is ideal for learning and studying diamonds. But the real question is…

How will this get you a better deal?


Salespeople get to know you. They learn that you’re serious about buying a diamond. They will see that you’re interested in the 4C’s and comparing quality and price. You’re not wasting their time. You’re not rushing them. You want to learn. Salespeople will enjoy working with you, and ultimately, get you a better deal.

Trust me, customers that are informed customers, ones that know about diamonds and know what to look for, really do get the better prices.

Knowledge pays off!

This is why I say, shop smart.

Learn about diamonds, quality, certification, and above all else, Learn when to walk in the door (or make it easy on yourself and just shop at James Allen, or Blue Nile, their doors are always open).

It does make a difference

Mid-morning is best for me. I’ve had 3 cups of coffee and am raring to go. Ready for the first diamond sale of the day.

So choose your time wisely.

Your pocketbook will thank you.

Cheers! :)

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