The Best Chain To Buy



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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy
The Best Type Of Chain Clasp

It’s Important!

The Style or Type of Clasp that you use on a Chain can be Highly Important.

Especially if you’re using that Chain to Support, or hold onto an Expensive Diamond, Gemstone or Charm Pendant.

2 Main Clasp Styles

There are 2 Main Styles of Clasps that are most Available on Today’s Market.

They are, the Spring Ring Clasp and the Lobster Claw Clasp as seen in the Photo below…

Spring Ring Clasp And Lobster Claw Clasp!

Let’s take a Closer look at them…

Spring Rings

The Spring Ring is Cheap! It’s Cheap and Lightweight and it doesn’t Require any Soldering (can’t really Solder them). In just 2 Seconds a Jeweler (or anyone with a Set of Pliers), can Twist the little O Ring on the Bottom of the Clasp, and Hook it onto the Chain of your choice.

These Rings are not only Light Weight, but they are also Hollow Inside (Hence the Reason you can’t put Torch Heat to them).

They also have a Tendency to Bend and Crush Easily!

And, if your Pendant is Too Heavy, or your Chain gets Tugged on or Caught, the Spring Ring will Open up, Break, and you may Lose your Pendant!

Spring Rings Work Better on Very Light Weight, Fine Chains that don’t hold any Pendants, or at the least, a Very Light Weight one.

Lobster Claws

The Lobster Claw Clasp is in my Opinion, the Very BEST Type of Clasp to have for any Chain or Pendant!

They are Thicker, Heavy Duty, Durable, Secure, and can (should be) Soldered onto the Chain so they don’t pull open!

I Love these Types of Clasps!

There are only 2 Downfalls to the Lobster Clasp…

1) They are Expensive!

A Good, Solid Gold, Heavy Lobster Clasp could run you up to $100 or more (I like 14k Gold Clasps the Best – White or Yellow Gold)… A Spring Ring may run you around $5 – $20 as a Comparison.

2) They Rotate on the Neck

Because the Clasp is Heavier and has some Weight to it, gravity may Pull it around to the Front so it’s Sitting on your Chest (more than a Light Weight Clasp). You may have to Constantly Keep Moving it so it Remains Behind your Neck.

But these 2 Downfalls still make the Lobster Claw Priceless! And, if you have a Diamond Pendant, or any kind of Sentimental Piece that has lots of Meaning, I would Protect it well and put the Most Secure Clasp on that Chain. Just to be Safe!

But, Most Chains Come with a Spring Ring!!!

Sadly, if you look at Pendants in the Stores, you’ll notice one main theme… The Pendants, even Expensive Diamond Pendants, come on a Very Fine Chain, and have the Frail Spring Ring Clasp on them. Not Good!

They do this because it’s Cheaper! Otherwise it could add another $100-$200 onto the Price Tag.

But here’s my Advice: Ask the Jeweler if you can get a Lobster Clasp instead… and have them Soldered it on! That way it won’t come Undone or Open.

Jewelers will usually have No Problems with this. You’ll just have to Pay the Difference.

But if you ask me…

I’d say do it every time!

If it Saves you from Losing your Pretty Little Diamond, it’s Well Worth the Price!

Cheers! :)

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