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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Value Diamond

Let’s get one thing straight…

When people are looking for value, it’s not the cheapest stone they’re looking for.

Value does not equal cheap.

Value means; the best quality of diamond you can buy for the amount of money you have.

It’s the best “affordable” diamond.

And some factors play into that best looking stone, they are:

SI1 clarity

SI1 clarity is an average diamond clarity. It’s not the best, it’s not the worst. In fact, it’s the lowest diamond quality you can purchase where the flaws become invisible to the bare eye. They are not seen without a microscope or a 10x jeweler’s loupe. That’s what makes SI1 an ideal clarity to buy.

You won’t see black spots, clouds, lines, or cracks. And even if you microscope these stones, the imperfections are so small and insignificant, they’ll look like birthmarks or moles. Traits that make identifying them easy (which helps prevent diamond switching).

Best Value SI1 Clarity Diamonds

Diamonds lower in clarity (SI2, I1, I2, I3) have visible flaws, and some are pretty obvious.

Diamond clarity higher then SI1 all have microscopic flaws as well, and put side by side with an SI1, they will all look identical (unless you compare them under a scope).

So SI1 really is the best clarity you can buy, to have it face up wonderfully, and still be affordable.

Colorless Diamonds.

The whiter the better. Colorless diamonds, which are D, E, and F, are all void of any color whatsoever. They are pure white, ultra bright, and will make any diamond look bigger and beautiful.

When you compare a pure white diamond, up against an average color diamond (I color), you will see the difference.

Compare diamonds below:

Compare Diamond Color Values

The difference in price is slight, but the visual difference is priceless. Pure white diamonds “POP” in the mounting.

Carat weight

Buy as big of a stone as you can afford. Whether that be a half carat (.50), 3/4 carat (.75), or a full carat (1.00 – the dream carat weight), you can always find deals online (places like James Allen are way cheaper then any mall jewelry store). Plus, you can always upgrade later on, say like a 10th anniversary.

And, any size of diamond can be made to look bigger with just one simple trick:

Halo mountings.

When you set a diamond in the center of a halo of diamonds, it makes the ring and diamond look twice as big.

Compare mountings below:

Halo Diamond Mountings Better Value

Halo mountings make a huge difference, and they’re the most popular choice of mounting, as well.

Diamond cut.

Now this is actually the most important criteria. A better cut will add tons of value to your stone. Don’t skimp on this 4C.

Cut = Sparkle

The better a diamond is cut to perfection, the more that diamond will sparkle.

The cut, or proportions, dictate how light travels around a diamond and bounces back to the viewer’s eye in a thousand flashes of white light and color.

And this life is what we adore about diamonds, why we love them, and want them, and need them (my precious).

The sparkle, the brilliance, the fire, is both mesmerizing and breathtaking.

And to achieve that perfection, you’ll need to put all of your eggs into the best cut basket.

True Hearts

True Hearts is the ultimate cut of diamond. It’s the “hearts and arrows” that makes any diamond a work of art.

The Best Cut Diamond

A perfectly cut diamond is the best value, the best looking stone, and the most beautiful diamond you can buy.

Check out these loose diamond deals here:

That’s value!

It’s a fair return of goods for money.

Just like this diamond below:

The Best Value For A Diamond

1.03, SI1, F, TRUE HEARTS, EX, EX, NONE $5,770 VIEW

(price good at the time of this post.)

This is putting your money into the most important diamond aspects.

What really matters!

You’ll see the difference; with your eyes, in her smile (the “WOW” factor), and your pocketbook.

And that my friends, is worth every penny.

Cheers! :)

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