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The Biggest Downside To Large Diamonods


Downside? To really big diamonds?


And it’s one that you probably wouldn’t think of, until you try one on.

That downside is height.

The larger, or bigger the carat weight is, the taller, and higher the ring and diamond sits up.

Meaning, you’ll be bumping it, hitting it, catching it on filing cabinets, and possibly damaging the prongs, head, or diamond itself.

The Bigger The Diamond The Bigger The Head And Profile

This is all due to the depth of the diamond, and the design, of course. Diamonds are pointed at the bottom, so they have to accommodate that bulk. And some mountings are horrible when it comes to height. They sit the diamond up really high, like so:

Tall Profile Diamond Engagement Rings

I would not advise those mountings.

You’ll snagging them on everything (like a weapon), and you’ll be spending a lot of money in repairs and upkeep. Really large diamonds should be set low in the mounting, to protect them, and the vulnerable edge of the stone (girdle). That’s where it’s the easiest to chip a stone, and you’ll want that to be as safe and secure as possible.

When you’re choosing a large diamond (like 3.00-4.00 carats), be ultra-picky about the setting. If it can be set down into a basket head, or a mounting that comes around and makes it more durable, all the better. Good low-profile mountings to choose are usually the simple ones, like shown below:

Low Profile Diamond Engagement Rings

So there’s nothing wrong with big diamonds (I highly recommend them), just be cautious about the mounting and the height of the ring. Try to find a more secure mounting, and one that doesn’t sit up like the Statue of Liberty.

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Cheers! :)

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