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The Brilliant Cut Diamond Is Not Brilliant

The Brilliant Cut Diamond is NOT Brilliant?


It’s true…

The name is, but the cut isn’t… As you’ll soon see.

A man named Marcel Tolkowski in 1919, modified the Old European Cut Diamond and mathematically came up with a Diamond Cut that surpassed all others.

This Cut took advantage of how a Diamond interacts with light and through proper Proportions, Angles, and Percentages, he maximized both the Brilliance and the Sparkle in a Diamond. Thus giving it the name “Brilliant Cut“.

But just because it’s called the Brilliant Cut doesn’t mean it is. In fact it could be far from the truth.

A Diamond by any other name…

A Brilliant Cut Diamond (always referring to the Modern Round Cut Stone) could be Dark, Dull, and Sparkle Less because the Cut could be Poor or have a Bad "Make".

Only Brilliant Cuts with a proper cut will actually have lots of Brilliance and Sparkle (also known as Scintillation). So don’t be fooled when the salesclerk says that “This Diamond is Brilliant“… that’s just the name of the Cutting Style. You really need to do your homework and find out what it really is.

Diamond Reports

To do so, you need to look at the Diamond Reports (I recommend GIA). GIA grades the Cut of the Diamond with five different Cut Grades: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. And the only Cut Grades that give off a lot of Brilliance, Fire, and Sparkle are the Cut Grades at the very top: “Excellent” and “Very Good”they are the cream of the crop!

Because it’s true, many times the salesclerk will just tell you that the Cut is Brilliant when you ask about the cut of the stone, and sadly that’s all the information they give you!
It’s up to you to find out if that diamond is cut well or if it’s cut poor.

Why aren’t all Brilliant Cuts Cut well?

The reason that Brilliant Cut Diamond’s are cut differently is all because of PROFIT. Diamond Cutters utilize the parent rock and cut it to maximize the amount of stones they can get, regardless if the stones are cut good or poor.

So the Brilliant Cut Diamond really could be the most brilliant diamond on the face of the earth, but only if it’s cut that way.

Look at the Cut Grades

Look at a Diamond Report (also known as a Certificate), and see what the Cut Grade is…

But don’t stop there!

Also look at the Polish and Symmetry of that stone. Those grades can also be a huge indication of how a Diamond is Cut. Look for "Excellent" or "Very Good" Grades in those as well… That is, if you want your Diamond to Sparkle!

When the Brilliant Cut Diamond is cut well, as in "Excellent", in Cut, Polish, and Symmetry it’s also known as a Super Ideal Cut Diamond. Some stores may also refer to these as a Premium Cut or a True Hearts and Arrows Cut. These are the best cut diamonds in the world and I highly recommend them!

If you want the maximum amount of brilliance in a diamond possible, always look for "Excellent, Excellent, Excellent"! Triple Excellent is the best and you will never regret your purchase. It will sparkle like a million stars in the sky… and in her eyes.

Triple Excellent Diamonds

Take a look at some of these incredible Triple Excellent Diamonds sold by James Allen here:

.42, SI2, E, TRUE HEARTS, GIA $1,190 VIEW
.52, SI2, F, TRUE HEARTS, GIA $1,860 VIEW
.60, SI1, D, TRUE HEARTS, GIA $2,540 VIEW
.84, SI2, G, TRUE HEARTS, GIA $3,550 VIEW
1.00, SI1, K, TRUE HEARTS, GIA $4,900 VIEW
1.01, SI2, H, TRUE HEARTS, GIA $6,400 VIEW
1.01, VVS2, F, TRUE HEARTS, GIA $11,410 VIEW

14k Wheat Chains

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