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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Cheapest Jewelry Cleaners to Buy

Do Cheap (or should I say Inexpensive) Jewelry Cleaners work?

Do they really Clean?


In fact, I own 2 Jewelry Cleaners: 1 is a Small Travel size Jewelry Cleaner that runs off Batteries; the other is The Best Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner that’s Perfect for Jewelry of all Sizes, Watches and larger items.

They both work just Fine and Clean my Diamonds and Gems Effortlessly (Especially when I use my Secret Home Made Jewelry Cleaner Solution). :)

Jewelry Cleaners do one main thing: They Remove Dirt and Debris from your Stones and Jewelry (in the Cracks and Crevices where it’s hard to get at) by Vibrations or Ultrasonic Sound Waves that Shake the Dirt Free (You can actually see this happening as the water around your Jewelry gets Muddy and Dirty).

Add in the “HOT” Water and Mr. Clean (My Secret Solution), and you have the Ideal Circumstances for the Cleanest Jewelry and Diamonds outside of a Professional Cleaning at a Jewelry Store where they will use Commercial Grade Ultrasonic Cleaners and Steam Cleaners.

The Trick to Clean Jewelry really isn’t in the Cleaner itself, but in the the Solution and of course, the HOT Water! That’s the Key!

So what are some of the Best Deals and cheapest Jewelry Cleaners that I Recommend?

Take a peek…

Now, there’s only one thing left…

Take your Dirty Jewelry off and Clean!

Leave them in the Cleaners longer if they are Really Dirty or there’s a lot of Crud Caked onto the Bottom of the Gems (Making them Sparkle less and look Dark).

You don’t need to Spend a lot on Cleaners or Solution. You just need to know what to use, how to use them and where to buy them at.

Amazon’s a good place to start! :)

Now you know! :)

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James Allen

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Blue Nile

Blue Nile

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