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The Cheapest True Hearts Arrows Excellent Loose Certified VS H Diamond

On a Budget?

Good. For here’s the most inexpensive best quality diamond you could ever buy

There’s nothing sacrificed either. Not clarity, not color, not cut… Nothing like you would think.

The only reason it’s cheap…

The Carat Weight

It’s not a huge diamond (but it can look big in a halo mounting). It’s only 30 points (1/3 of a carat), but 30 points is actually the average diamond carat weight for engagement rings across the country.

So it may not seem large, but it’s average, and that’s all that truly matters.

The Clarity; Top-Notch!

This diamond has a clarity of VS2. So it has very small inclusions inside the stone that are only visible under 10x magnification (and you might be able to see them magnified in the diamond shown below, which is actually 40x magnification), so there’s nothing you’ll be able to see with the bare eye. And that’s great!

The Diamond Color is H

H is at the high end of the Near Colorless range. H is considered a “fine white” diamond and will have no visible yellow in the stone. H is a great color and it will face up beautifully.

The Polish and Symmetry is also Excellent

In fact, the entire cut is “True Hearts”, which is the finest cut available to any diamond across the nation. True Hearts are those wonderful hearts and arrows patterns that make up the best cuts which create the maximum amount of sparkle, brilliance and fire.

The better the cut, the better the sparkle. And there’s nothing better than “True Hearts“.

And the Price…

Sheesh! It’s low. Take a peek at this spectacular diamond

The Cheapest True Hearts Arrows Excellent Diamond

Impressive Diamond!

High in every aspect, except for the price tag.

It’s only $720

That’s CHEAP! For a diamond of this quality (with no Fluorescence, and being GIA certified), it’s dirt cheap. Have this stone set in a solitaire mounting, a pave mounting, or a halo mounting, and you’ll have one stunning engagement ring.

It’s Quite a Bargain!

You can’t beat it (go to the mall stores and compare – it’ll blow your mind).

Buy this stone HERE (it will sell ultra fast), or check out other similar quality diamonds HERE!

Cheers! :)

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