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The Default Diamond Quality



You bet…

If you want to know what the default quality is, what people are most happy with, what most people buy…

All you have to do is to venture to James Allen (the lowest priced diamond retailer online).

For their diamond search automatically starts off with the default settings selected.

So what is the default diamond quality?

SI1 clarity, H color, 1 carat, round brilliant cut diamonds.

The Default Diamond Quality

So let’s take a closer look at these defaults…

Diamond clarity:

SI1 clarity is a great clarity to own. SI1 means it has small inclusions inside the stone that are only visible under 10x magnification (with a microscope or a 10x jeweler’s loupe). Otherwise, you’ll see nothing with the bare eyes. No black spots, no clouds, no cracks, lines, or pinpoints. It’s eye-clean and one of the best qualities to purchase (they look identical to Flawless diamonds, but without the hefty price tag).

Diamond color:

H color is a fine white diamond. It’s towards the top of the Near Colorless range, it faces up white and looks bright. Diamonds that are I color or lower tend to have a slightly yellow cast to them. So G-H or higher is the spot to be (my favorite diamond colors are pure white, which are D-E-F colors).

Diamond cut:

Ideal cut… You can’t go wrong. Ideal cut diamonds are usually graded as “excellent” or “very good” cuts. They will look beautiful and really move the light around the diamond. I always recommend “excellent” cut grades, and also recommend “excellent” grades in both Symmetry and Polish as well.

Diamond carat weight:

1.00 carat, of course. 1 carat diamonds are the dream carat weight. They are the perfect size for an engagement ring. They look big and don’t get overpowered by the mounting. Everybody wants one. 9 times out of 10, she’ll say she wants a 1 carat diamond.

Diamond shape:

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most iconic and popular diamond shape ever. It’s traditional, classy, and sparkles more than any other shape. Hands down. They also cost more (about 20% more), but the brilliance, fire, and scintillation are worth every penny.

Diamond price:

The price point is perfect. Most guys spend between $2,000 – $6,000 on a diamond engagement ring, so with these round brilliant cut diamonds starting around $4,000, it’s pretty ideal (and if you compare James Allen prices with mall stores, or independent jeweler’s prices, you’ll see they are way cheaper than everyone else).

And that’s the default diamond.

Head on over to James Allen here and check these diamonds out today.

Default Diamonds

Cheers! :)

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James Allen

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Blue Nile

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