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The Diamond Trade-In Trick

This Tactic WORKS!

I Love doing this Little Tactic, it Works Every Time.

It will get you to Trade-in your Diamond without a Hitch.

This Tactic is so Simple it’s almost Surprising.

I call it the:

Diamond Trade-In Trick!

Now I’m not actually Tricking People, I would Never do that. But I am being Smart and using your Ring to my Full Selling Advantage.

What is it?

I Compare my Big, Brand New, Perfectly Clean Diamond… To your Diamond that’s Still on your Hand (Which is always Dirty).

Sneaky eh?

Not Really! But I tell you, the Difference between them is Night and Day.

My Beautiful Diamond is Sparkling and Full of Life and Brilliance and Fire

While your Diamond is Dull, Lifeless and Boring (See picture above – you should Really Clean your Diamonds!).

Customers always Forget this little Tidbit when they’re Shopping for Diamonds. Their Diamond is Dirty and Filled with Soaps, Perfumes, Lotions, Oils and what-not. It’s no Wonder that it Lacks Brilliance, Fire and Scintillation.

Some Customers catch onto this and Mumble “Oh My Diamond is Dirty…“, but they really don’t think it’s THAT Dirty (Trust me, it is!).

People get so Used to Wearing their Rings and Leaving them on for Long Periods of Time that they don’t even Clean them for Months. They Forget how Clean, Shiny and Bright their Diamond used to look.

Who am I to Point this out?

Their Dirty Diamond Helps me Sell my Brand New Diamonds like HOT CAKES!

So if you don’t Want me, or any Diamond Salesperson to Compare your Diamond and Show you How Ugly it is to my Bigger and More Expensive Diamond, then you should Clean your Stone First!

When you Walk into a Jewelry Store to look at Upgrading your Diamond, you should ask them to Clean your Diamond PRONTO! Have them Polish and Clean your Rings Before you even Walk over to the Diamond Counter. That way, you’ll be Comparing two Clean Diamond Rings and you’ll really be able to see what the Differences are.

Also, if your Diamond is Clean, it will look Better as a Trade-in too. The Jeweler will more than likely Pay you MORE because it will be Brilliant, Sparkly and Full of Life.

Smart, isn’t it?

Clean your Diamonds at home (Buy Yourself an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner) Before you come into the Store if you have to, just get them Clean. Clean Diamonds get a Better Value, Better Comparisons and Better Deals.

It’s a Simple Trick, but it Does Work. It’ll either Work for me, or for you.

Clean or Dirty? What will it be?

P.S. If you Decide to Leave and Shop the Competitor to see what they have to offer… I’ll Ask you to Clean your Diamonds Before you Walk out that Door (If you haven’t Cleaned them yet). That way, the other Store’s Diamonds won’t look as Good as mine did in Comparison to what you just Remembered.

Even Sneakier! :)

See… I’m still using your Dirty Diamonds as a Selling Technique.

Maybe it’s Better to Clean your Diamonds NOW…

It’s your Call!

Cheers! :)

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