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What Is The Hottest Diamond Shape Right Now

First off, the most popular shape of diamond is the round.

No doubt about it.

It has been, and it always will be the best selling, “go to” diamond shape ever for an engagement ring or wedding set.

It’s the other cuts of diamond, the fancy shapes that I’m talking about.

Modern trends:

The marquise cut diamond used to be the best selling stone back in the 80’s and 90’s. Everybody wanted that football shape. It sold like hot cakes.

Then the trend shifted briefly into trilliant cuts (triangular cuts of diamond). That was hot hot hot for about 5 years.

Then came the princess cut diamond, which basically blew all other cuts away (except the round). The princess cut (either square or rectangular) has been ultra popular ever since. Plus, the princess cut has the brilliance of a brilliant cut diamond. So the emerald cut (step cut diamond which lacked sparkle), took a back seat.

Today, the princess cut diamond still sells exceptionally well

But it’s not on top!

Radiant cuts were popular for a bit, and the same with cushion cuts. Cushion cuts were, and still are, one of the most affordable cuts there is. Sometimes as much as 50% less than rounds (see some cushion cut diamonds here).

But what’s hot right now?


Oval cut diamonds are not a new cut at all. They’ve been around forever. But they have gained momentum because they are longer cuts of stone, and look beautiful in pave or halo mountings. They appear soft and delicate because of the curved edges, but accentuate the length of the finger (which women like). They are very brilliant diamonds, look bigger than a round, have no sharp edges, and have taken the mainstream by storm.

Just venture into any jewelry store, or any online website and you’ll see ovals everywhere.

Just like these oval diamonds here:

Oval Cut Diamonds From Kays

Oval Cut Diamonds From Helzberg

Oval Cut Diamonds From Jareds

Oval Cut Diamonds From Zales

Oval Cut Diamonds From Fred Meyers Jewelers

Get all of the oval engagement rings here:

But, here’s the thing about ovals…

It’s important to visually see them. All oval cut diamonds face up differently. Some are cut better with better symmetry and polish (so I always advise “excellent” grades). Some capture light and make the stones brighter and sparkle more.

Make sure that the diamond you choose isn’t dark in the center, or doesn’t have a massively obvious bow-tie (dark black shadows that cut across the stone).

Compare these oval diamonds:

Take a look at the two oval diamonds below. One is cut with excellent symmetry, the other is not. One diamond is cleaner and whiter, the other diamond is lower in clarity and exhibits darker color (J). The difference is outstanding.

Compare oval cut diamonds

This is why I suggest buying a loose oval diamond from James Allen. You can actually see the real diamonds, close up, magnified, and spin them around to view the stone from all sides. It’s amazing.

Oval Cut Diamonds From James Allen

You can choose the exact diamond you want, then choose which mounting to set it in. It’s a great way to design a one-of-a-kind ring made just for you. Set an oval cut diamond into a engagement ring like: a solitaire mounting, pave mounting, or a halo mounting and you’ll have one stunning engagement ring.

That’s what’s hot!

Ovals are what everyone wants. For now.

Except the round…

Those are always the #1 choice for any proposal ring. The round is classic, traditional, and never goes out of style. See some wonderful round brilliant cut diamonds here.

Cheers! :)

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