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The Best Ideal Promise Rings

“I Promise You!”

Thinking about getting engaged?

Waiting for the perfect time, the perfect place, the ideal situation, and often, the best financial position?

A Commitment?

A promise ring is the perfect solution. It’s a ring that you give BEFORE an engagement ring… Something that says “I commit myself to you, and I promise in the future, we will get married!

Because let’s face it, engagement rings are expensive (the average is around $3,000).

So until then… Make a Promise!

And right now, the best, most ideal promise rings you can find, not only have a small diamond (or a bunch), is dainty, cute, adorable, heartfelt, inexpensive (most are under $300), but there’s one more thing that makes today’s promise rings so incredible…

Rose Gold

Rose gold is HOT HOT HOT!

So to give a promise ring with rose gold on it, is the best promise ring you could give. It’s modern, sleek, sophisticated, elegant, and trendy….

Take a Peek…

(Rose gold promise rings from Fred Meyer Jewelers)


Now those are Beautiful (And Affordable!)

A wonderful ring that she’ll appreciate and wear proudly (until she gets the real one…)

It’s just like a miniature engagement ring! :)

See ALL the rose-gold promise rings HERE!

Cheers! :)

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